Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Baybay & Baybee: Week 110 (9/11-9/17)

110 weeks old!

It is officially very hot out. We brought the hose into the backyard this week and the girls have been enjoying the chance to play and cool off in the water.

The purple asters are open in the back yard.

Ella filling up her purple bucket.

Makes a good hat, too.

Maya had the same idea.

Got my hat, ready to go for a walk!

I did another twin-apple-eating photoshoot. I can't help it, Maya and Ella are just so photogenic!

"There's Mama with the camera again..."

"Psst, Ella, I think she's taking pictures of us!"


"No no, like this Maya!"

Maya has some practice ahead of her in the frown department.


I love this one.



And more hugs.

On Wednesday morning, the girls and I let Brett sleep in while we made a peach blueberry pie! It was delicious. As we were finishing our slices of pie together later that day, Maya noticed that Brett's was all gone before the rest of us. She quickly announced, "Dada, more pie!" Brett told her, "No thanks, I'm all full and don't need anymore." After a puzzled look, Maya's response to that was, "Done pie Maya more want! 'Nother piece!" (She did a good job of making sure it was clear that when she was done with her piece, SHE wanted more.)

Maya and Dada. I think Maya looks a lot like her cousin Atom in this photo.

Ella models a new fuzzy penguin shirt.

Washing kale.

A cute video of the girls playing with their stuffed animals.

Just driving and boating around.

Both girls have still been singing the ABC's a lot. On a walk home from Cup and Top this week, they were singing it together over and over beautifully. A couple other interesting things of note: when asked questions, Ella tends to say, "yes" while Maya says, "yeah". They also seem to know their right from their left. I feel like we are starting to be able to have real conversations with them now, which is pretty neat!

At the Parent's Center. Busy watching all the other kids.


Sliding together at Cup and Top.

We all went together to the library one afternoon.

Maya's big Lego tower.

A shopping trip to the River Valley Market.

Biking around the neighborhood.

We met up with Sia and Josephine on our walk/ride.

Selena playing the game, "I wonder where Ella is?!"

Uncle Guy spots the girls while they give Dada a massage.

VERY excited to see all the play structures at Grandma and Grandpa's house!

Trying out the swing for the first time.

Maya and Ella are the center of attention.

Both girls wanted to sit with Grandma for dessert.

Merry stopped by and had fun building blocks with the girls.

Maya and Brett show off their balancing skills.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Baybay & Baybee: Week 109 (9/4-9/10)

109 weeks old! (25 months)

The theme for this week was biking. We biked around the neighborhood, we biked on the bike path, I even took the girls to Childs Park where we explored the hilly paths, checking out the frog pond and collecting pinecones.

Maya and Brett went for a walk/bike ride over to the Willow Street house. Maya biked the whole way there and back!

On the bike path.

We rode the tandem with the trailer up to the bike path. Then the girls did their own biking for a bit.

It was nice not to have any cars around.  The only drama came when Brett was buckling the girls back into the trailer, and absent-mindedly ate a bit of a snack bar that had been left in the trailer when then girls got out to ride on their own.  When Ella saw that her precious bar was gone, she was inconsolable.  With many, many tears, we managed to bike to Cooper's Corner to get a replacement.

At Cooper's, the girls were more excited about picking out peppers than bars.  Go figure.

Another day, another bike ride. At Childs Park.

A very happy Ella.

A little off-roading.

Maya kept biking far ahead and then waiting for Ella and me to catch up.

A little break to try out the bench. It was such a beautiful day.

So many pinecones, too few pockets.

Bikes left behind for the pinecone search.

Ella in the sunshine.

We made it to the frog pond! Can you spot the frog?

So nicely posed.

Treasures found in little pockets that evening, after the day was done.

We continued with no diapers at night and it's been good so far, mostly. On Wednesday, Maya slept ALL night long, which was a first for her in a loooonng time. Friday night, Ella peed around 4am, so both girls came into bed with us. Ella has been falling asleep again in our bed when this happens and getting more rest until about 7am. Maya has been getting up early and spending time with Dada.

I made chocolate coconut milk pudding. Two very delighted girls were more than happy to help lick the pan.

A visit to the library, playing with the dinosaurs.

Maya helps put away the clean silverware.

A carrot! From our garden!

This garden spider has a home near our cucumbers.

Maya waiting for me to come back from the garden across the street.

Spartan, Hannah and Max came to visit on Sunday! It's always so nice to see them. We played and talked inside for a while and then took a walk to show them the Willow Street house.

Rocking elephant, sheep and boat rides.

Walking/biking with three toddlers, even just halfway around the block, is an adventure. It took a while.

Group photo on the hammock.

Grandma Kathy also came for a visit this week. I told the girls that they could open the tubs of Play-Doh that they were very excited to play with, but not until their Grandma arrived. While they waited, they built towers with the tubs, put them in lines and carried them around the house in different bags/boxes. About 20 minutes of nice creative playing by themselves. And they were super excited to open them when Grandma arrived!

Is she here yet?

Legos were distracting for a few minutes.


"I want to play with this one, and this one, and this one..."

It was worth the wait!

The creations. Lucky girls to have such a creative and fun grandma!

Bonus video!