Friday, April 18, 2014

Baybay & Baybee: Week 108 (8/28-9/3)

108 weeks old!

On Tuesday night, both girls went to bed without diapers for the first time. Both stayed dry all night long and used the potty in the morning. A good start to being completely diaper free! 

The phrase "will listen" has become a regular one from the girls. They say it after we have stopped them from doing something that they shouldn't be doing. Meaning, "I want my toy back, I will listen now and not do the thing that I wasn't supposed to do."

Mostly we just did a lot of playing this week. Here are some pictures.

Packing away things to take with us to our new house.

Snack and a video.

Dollhouse play.

Brett took this video of the girls with their babydolls. 

Maya tries on a dress that her Great Grandma made. She really liked the pocket.

Always make sure to have lots of reading material.

Biking in the house.

With baby dolls, of course.

Just hanging out together on their bikes.

I got some crayons that can go in the bathtub. They were a hit.

Poor man's massage.

 I made some vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting. I was inspired to make something with the real vanilla that Albert generously gave to Brett.

 Whatever the reason I made them, they were well liked.


There you are!

Fashionably dressed for an outing.

Playing at Cup and Top.

Sweeping the floors.

There is a little apple tree that we pass on our way home from the center of Florence. The girls really look forward to those apples.

Lots of blooms on my rain lily.

Selena also took the girls for a walk this week.

And Uncle Guy came over and played a fun jump-off-the-couch game.

Action shot.

Ella's turn.

All tired out.

Eating apples from our tree has been one of the constant highlights of the past few weeks. They aren't the sweetest apples, but the girls just love them. I took a little photo shoot this week while they were munching away on the picnic table.

Sisters with their apples.

A hug.


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  1. So fun to look back on those days. They've grown so much. Thanks,
    Jenny, for being such a good recorder. Brett, too.