Friday, May 30, 2014

Baybay & Baybee: Week 114 (10/9-10/15)

114 weeks old! (26 months)

There are so many happy pictures from this week. From looking at them, you wouldn't know that we were actually having a very tough time. Brett just wasn't feeling settled in our new house. So many boxes of things were still in the basement. I was was exhausted. Brett was exhausted. Maya and Ella were screeching a lot. 

Brett was away all day on Sunday at a Scrabble tournament. Guy came over to visit us for some of that day, Selena also stopped by another day during the week. Maya, Ella and I also went on some adventures together.

One of our adventures was pumpkin picking!

Some of us also did some hay-bale climbing.

Proud of herself for getting all the way to the top.

I like "'dis one!"

My best attempt at a photo of the girls sitting together with all the pumpkins. They just move so darn fast!

Our choices!

First ever soft serve cone. Maple flavored. A good way to introduce ice cream I think!

After the first few bites, we put most of the ice cream into a cup. That was a safer idea. Though, not any less messy...

Mmmmm! (they liked it)

Ice cream face!

Enjoying their treat while watching other people pick out pumpkins.

We've been trying to help the girls learn to express their frustration in words, rather than screeches or crying. It's been challenging, but I think our gentle reminders to say, "Help me please!" instead of getting so upset are making a difference. I know it's a slow process. I'm sure that as they become better at talking, that will also help a great deal. I think sometimes they screech and cry because they just don't know how to say what they want (or don't want) in words.

When did my babies suddenly start looking like such big kids?

Ella let me braid her hair!

View from the front.

Maya brushing Dada's hair.

Watching a video with Dada after a short nap.

Pink pacifiers go well with a pink leotard.

Maya's turn to wear it.


We got these papaya's in the mail! They are from Amber's tree in Florida!

Other adventures this week included a visit to the farm, a quick apple picking trip for more Macouns, playing at the park, and some fun at Cup and Top.

Selena came over to play in the leaves with us.

We love you Selena!

Where are Maya and Ella?


Watching the horses.

We found some tractors to play on.

Here we go, hold on tight!

Ella's turn to drive.

Looking at the little fountain.





From our quick apple picking trip.

First time being able to climb the rope ladder at the park, and a little bit of not wanting to go home.

Mira and the girls playing in our yard.

Ella in the BIG leaf pile.

Know what? We have a river in our backyard!

A beautiful river.

Such a peaceful spot.

Singing while rocking on Baa-Baa.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Baybay & Baybee: Week 113 (10/2-10/8)

113 weeks old!

Wednesday felt like the first real settled day since we moved into our new house. I cooked some good food, and we all took a nap together on our bed. On Sunday I hung some pictures on the walls. It's hard not being fully moved in, but every box that gets unpacked makes things a little easier.

Our new kitchen, mostly set up.

On Wednesday evening, Maya washed all of our dinner dishes, all by herself.

There has been so much rain this week. We've been embracing our new life on the quieter side of the neighborhood by taking walks in the road without the worry of cars zooming by, while splashing in lots puddles.

Walking in the road.

A beautiful leaf for you.




Four happy puddle stompers.

Along with the lovely quietness of Willow Street, we are also in love with how many leaves we have in our new yard.

Maya helps rake the leaves into a huge pile.

So Ella can jump in it!

Hiding in the leaves.

Rocking in the leaves.

Look at me!

Ella has begun repeating everything we say. It's like having a little echo in the house. I've started being more careful what and when I say things. Maya has been having a very hard time not getting her way, or doing things when she doesn't want to do them. When we tell her to do something, she will say things like, "Not ready!!" and run into the other room.

Sleep has been rough again, probably partly caused by the move and getting used to their new room and house. There have been lots of night wake-ups and it's stressful when the girls cry at night, especially when guests are staying upstairs. On Sunday, the girls both took a three-plus-hour nap and slept all night from 7:00pm until 5:15am with no wake ups. Apparently, it was a one-time thing though.

Naps have been hard, too. One time this week, after we left the room, Ella finally fell asleep in her stuffed animal box.

Licking the bowl is the best part of making a cake.

Messy face.

Messy arms.

Messy hands.

Well done!

Thursday evening, Guy came over for dinner and stayed to play with Maya and Ella until bed time. They are very lucky to have such a silly, fun, caring uncle in their lives.

Pick me up! Pick me up!

The girls would have played this game for hours.

Ella and her Uncle Guy.

Grocery shopping trip. Step one: get car cart. Step two: pick out two apples for the girls to eat and buy them. Step three: do grocery shopping.

Me: "You can pick out a treat to eat on the way home from the grocery store if you want..."
 The twins: "WANT RED PEPPER!!"
 I think we must be doing something right...

Back massage for Dada.

Here are a few pictures of the upstairs, now that it's mostly set up. It's such a beautiful space! 

The living room/dining room.

The bedroom nook off the living room with pretty room dividers.