Saturday, December 21, 2013

Baybay & Baybee: Week 101 (7/10-7/16)

101 weeks old!

This was a relaxing week spent mainly playing outside and around the house, with a few trips out in the world. Ella has been slowly getting her 2-year molars, and though it doesn't appear to bother her, sleep has been pretty terrible. Bedtime has been a long drawn-out process, and Maya figured out how to open the bedroom door, so that's new and exciting (and quite unhelpful for nighttime).

Both girls have been saying, "Yeah" a lot when they answer a question. They are also getting good at counting!

Counting raspberries.

Here are some more pictures of all the flowers in bloom in our yard right now. So many changes in a couple weeks!

Echinacea in full bloom.

Bumble bee.

View of the back yard.

So many lilies in bloom!

Pretty flowers in Evan and Marry's front garden.

First sunflower opening out front.


Here are a bunch of pictures of our adventures playing outside this week.

I got this dress at the thrift store. I think it's just so adorable. The girls (though Maya especially) are always excited to try on new clothes that I bring home. 

Picking berries. This happened many times a day.

Picking peas and relaxing in the wagon.

Ella fits so perfectly.

Maya carefully opens the pods.

The ones Ella has look the best.

The slide was a little wet, so Maya dries it off for her sister.

"Those apples look delicious!"

Beautiful Maya.

Ella cools off in the tub on a hot day.

Favorite picture of the week.

And here are a bunch of pictures of what we did inside this week.

Maya brought her baby doll to her bed and tucked her in (with pacifier and doggie of course)...

...then sat down and read her a story.

More story reading.

Some coloring.

Of course, we did a lot of eating. Maya LOVES corn.

Ella is pretty fond of it, too.

Maya and baby using the big potty together.

I went across the street by myself to our garden for a few minutes. It was apparently the worst thing in the world for some people, and Maya and Pink doggie had to wait at the door until I returned with the kale.

Uncle Guy came to visit. He and Ella read some books together. Blueberries for Sal is a current favorite.

While they read books, Maya tried on Guy's shoes.

Brett and I each took the girls on a few outings. I took the girls on a walk, to the park for a picnic, to play at Cup and Top, and to the grocery store. Brett took them on a bike ride and to play in the river at Maines Field.

Fun at the park.

A cute video of Ella on the slide.


Riding in the cool cart at the grocery store! Maya wanted to hold the butter for the entire shopping trip.

Pretend cutting at Cup and Top.

Maya takes a little snooze on our walk while Ella eats her pepper from Cooper's.

She did a good job with it!

Heading out on a bike ride with Dada.

The river!

Into the water.

Being silly after their dip in the river.

Brett and I stayed up one evening and made a few jars of dilly beans!

After watching an adorable video of their cousins singing BINGO and playing guitar, Maya and Ella wanted to make their own version.

Here is the original of Atom and Trillian, with Maya and Ella's response at the end. (Video credit Amber, with thanks to Papa for editing both clips together.)

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