Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Baybay & Baybee: Week 103 (7/24-7/30)

103 weeks old!

We grew some broccoli! Maya, Ella and I picked it and we were all very excited. I love being able to share so many firsts with my babies. Everything is so new and fascinating. The simplest things, like picking the first heads of broccoli, become super fun!  

Showing off their treasures.


Sleep. It has been good! The girls recently started sleeping through the night (again) for the first time in a while. Naps have been generally better, too, and getting them to sleep at night has also gotten easier/quicker. We're doing well right now!

Ah, sleep.

Both Brett and I did some gardening individually this week. We have a goal to do 10 minutes a day, and while that hasn't happened every day, this week felt productive. Brett planted some more kale and broccoli on Thursday and I pulled out the finished peas and did a bunch of weeding on Friday. 

Some of our tomatoes in the front yard. 

Ella admires Evan and Merry's garden.

We still have pretty flowers blooming all around!

Rain lilies.

Some new things this week: Walking down the back steps without holding on to anything! Pretty frequent three word phrases. Maya, especially, can tell me about something that happened fairly clearly.  She might say, "Seeds, Dada, dirt!" and then sign "water". Meaning, "I helped plant seeds in the garden with Dada! We dug in the dirt, and watered!"

Stairs -  mastered.

Reading books.

Ella, playing with a game.

Block phones. Hello? Hello?

This video is a reminder that as good as the girls are getting at taking turns and sharing, it hasn't happened without tears and a lot of patience from everyone. 

First washable tatoo. From the library.

Trying to get a picture of them both at the same time was a challenge.

Drawing together.

Ella driving.

Helping Dada fix Evan's tire.

When we go to the grocery store, the girls like to get a slice of meunster cheese and ham from the deli.

Coconuts are delicious!

Blueberry picking is still in full swing. Selena went picking with me and the girls once this week, and I also went on my own another time.  We will have lots of blueberries to eat and make pies with this year!

Selena likes to eat the berries almost as much as Ella does.

While I was out berry picking on Sunday, Kathy came to visit. Brett took this picture of them taking a pretend nap together.

We also had a visit from Uncle Guy. He brought some raspberries!

Swinging at the Safety Village playground and watching the summer program kids ride their bikes.

Maya and Ella came with me to do some errands and they had fun trying out the lawn mowers at Lowe's.

They also had really cool shopping carts.

Brett took the girls on an adventure one afternoon to the farm and to play in the river. He also took a very cute video of the girls playing their "Hug game" in the grass.

They made this game up themselves.

At the farm, checking out the sheep.

Playing in the river with Dada.

Oh! And we visited Ben and Claire's chickens! They live right around the corner from us. We get our eggs from them every week.

The chickens love Swiss chard.

My favorite picture.

Ella is ready with another piece.

A beautiful flower in Ben's front yard. Some kind of lily?

I'm looking forward to my family visiting in a few weeks! Here are two more cute videos from the week.


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  1. What a bunch of characters! Such fun photos and videos.