Saturday, November 17, 2012

Baybay & Baybee: Week 61 (10/3-10/9)

61 weeks old!

Being many weeks behind in updates, as I am right now, makes me realize just how quickly Maya and Ella change.  This is the reason that keeping this blog is so important to me. One day, it's going to be so wonderful to be able to look back and remember so much!

Both girls still had a little cold this week, mostly just runny noses. Sleep hasn't been very good and we've all been up multiple times during the night. Except on Friday, when Ella slept for 12 hours straight! That hasn't happened again. We are very tired. I'm not sure why the girls are waking up so frequently at night again. Also, annoyingly, Ella has begun experimenting with bitting me while we nurse. She isn't as responsive as Maya was with my attempts to redirect this behavior, but we are making progress. It's no fun being bit, and I am making that very clear. It's interesting for me to watch Maya's reaction to all of this (her having already learned the "No biting Mama, or you don't get to nurse" rule). Judging by the looks she gives her sister, if she could talk, I think Maya would set her straight much faster than I seem to be able to. 

At least naps are still consistently taken twice a day. Every once and a while, Brett and I are smart and rest, too.

Happy Maya, just up from a nap.

Cow driving the tractor.

Hugs for bear.

Ella is awake!

More rice cake, please!


Ella's turn in the boat.

Big smile.

Such a cutie.

Ella has learned to tell us what sound a lion makes! She is very enthusiastic about it and I need to get a video to post soon. Maya doesn't make the sound yet, but watches her sister closely when she roars, and my reaction and praise. It's as if she is contemplating the idea of making the sound, too, but it's possible she just thinks we're all a little loopy.  

Ella and I went alone to the Northampton Parents Center one morning, because Maya was still asleep and Ella had taken a shorter than usual morning nap. We had fun and it's always different and interesting to spend time with only one of the girls at a time. Ella seemed more reserved than usual, wanting to stick near me most of the time. I think she missed her sister.

Snack time!

Beep, beep!

We went all together to the barnyard at the Vocational School one afternoon for a short outing. I'm glad we do things like this sometimes. It's so easy to just stay home -- but you don't get to see animals that way!

Watching the draft horses eat.


Maya was very shy of the animals and clung to Dada most of the time.

Ella wanted to touch all the animals, except for the big draft horses.

Getting a closer look at the pretty corn on display in the barn. This moment didn't last long because Ella wanted to eat the corn, so she had to come down.


Outside the barnyard. (I just love this photo.)

"Ooo! I want to go for a ride!"

Smelling the mums.

Learning to be gentle with flowers.

Selena's parents where here visiting this week, so we biked over to see them at Selena's house. Audrey and Lowell are such sweet people. We enjoyed the warm afternoon, chatting and taking pictures in the backyard.

Hugs for Selena.

Inspecting the new people.

Talking, while Selena helps Maya try on my shoes.

Ella in the sunshine.

Another fun outing was the Ashfield Fall Festival  We enjoyed walking around and watching all the people. We got some yummy apple cider to take home and met up with Spartan, Hannah and Max for a short time. The whole thing was actually pretty overwhelming for me, with two babies who wanted to run around and so many things to look at. But, we took our time and didn't stay too long. In a few years, it will be so much more fun to take Maya and Ella to things like this.

Ella and me, at the festival.

Checking out the antique cars. (I got that great hat that Maya is wearing, for a quarter at a tag sale we walked by.)

Eating lunch on the hill above the fair.

Maya, saying goodbye to Hannah, Spartan and Max.

I took tons of pictures this week! Below is a sampling of a few more special moments. 

Both girls are figuring out how to make the people jump out of this school bus toy that we have.  

Brett shows how it's done.

I went to a couple tag sales on Saturday, by myself. I came back with a few great finds, including this huge tent (plus queen air mattress) for $10!

Shopping at the co-op.

Messy eaters.

Woodpecker on sunflower stalk.

This bug was on our back porch.

This was the best week for photographing leaves. They were all over the ground and in such an array of beautiful colors.

Shiny leaves.

Leaf attack!

Playing on the slide at Cup and Top.

Eating apples in the bathtub.


Wearing Mama's clothes and dancing in circles is Maya's newest favorite thing. Ella wasn't so happy in this video.

I will end this week with a short series of photos, depicting what usually happens when I put Ella's hair up in a ponytail.

Eyes fixed on the target, hand ready to grab...

...the reach...

...the duck...and...she's safe! (For a few more moments...)

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