Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Baybay & Baybee: Week 62 (10/10-10/16)

62 weeks old!

We spent a lot of time outside this week, taking advantage of the last couple warm(ish) days we have left to enjoy. There are still lots of leaves on the ground to crunch through, but not many more on the trees. Most days, hats and gloves seem like a good idea, but you don't freeze if you go outside without them. Maya LOVES putting on and wearing her hat and gloves. Ella isn't interested, or rather, she is very disinterested in wearing her hat and gloves. This exclusion of all things warm, doesn't sit well with Maya. It does however make for some funny games of chase; starting with Ella pulling off her hat and gloves and tossing them on the floor and ending with Maya picking them up and following Ella around (with arms outstretched) demanding that her sister put them back on.  

What does a lion say? Ella knows!

 Riding through puddles is funny!

Splashing in the rain.

Aunt Anne came for a visit on Thursday. Maya and Ella showed their great-aunt all of their favorite toys (especially their rocking boat and tunnel) that are new since her last visit. We went for a walk after lunch, and then while the babies took a nap, Aunt Anne helped me with a knitting project that I've been stuck on.

 Showing off their toys.

 Hello, down low! Hello, up high!

 Happy to be in Dada's arms.

 Hugs are the best.

 Making sure we're still watching.

 Taking a break.

Family shot, taken by Aunt Anne. While preparing to snap the photo, Aunt Anne prompted us, "Say cheese!". After she took the picture, we looked over at Ella, who had her hands together, obediently signing, "Cheese." 

We took a bunch of walks around the block this week, so I have a lot of photos of the girls being cute outside. Here are a few shots from several different days/walks.

 Squirrel watching.

 Every circle in the road must be for standing on.

 And sitting on.

 Crunching through the leaves.


 Wait for me!


More stroller pushing.

We realized recently that the girls know and use over a dozen different signs now! They are, in no particular order: hat, water, apple, bike, more, nurse, please, thank you, all done, cheese, hurt, peach, shoes, book, potty, dog, rain, sleep and hot. They are also picking up more signs very quickly, so this is by no means a complete list.

There are also a few new skills and accomplishments worth noting. First, walking backwards. This is especially cute because when one girl starts walking backwards, the other usually joins her. Driving toy cars along the floor (or any surface really) is new, as is having more patience for stacking toys/blocks. Maya climbed up onto a chair all on her own for the first time. I came into the kitchen and found her standing there at the table, absolutely delighted with herself. Ella has been so thoughtful with her "thank you's". She uses the sign whenever anyone hands her something or when she gives something to her sister. Guy came over to visit twice this week and both times Maya surprised us by being unusually affectionate and giving him hug after hug when it was time for him to leave.

Here are a few more pictures from the week.

 I went to the All-4-Kids sale on Saturday and got a bunch of great stuff for the girls. Winter boots for Maya, some warm tights and leggings, a few books, good puzzles and a jacket. I also got these bibs. We have no luck keeping bibs on the girls. They get pulled off approximately .1 second after they are put on. This shot was taken in a rare moment that will probably never be repeated. 

Both girls have been great about letting us know, either by sign or by walking over to/sitting on a potty, that they need to use the toilet.

 We went out to breakfast one morning because we were all up so early. We were the first ones at the Look Park Diner at 6am.

We got a stove and dishwasher for free off of Craigslist and Brett picked them up with his bike trailer. Not sure what we will do with them, but you can't beat the price.

 Ella gets a ride on Dada's bike while Maya helps push.

 So silly.

Yum, apple!

I took Maya and Ella to visit their friend Max. This is a picture Spartan took of Max showing the girls how to play the piano. 

Jim came over to visit us one afternoon.

 We went to Crimson and Clover's Grow Food Northampton Fall Festival. Ella really liked watching the goats.

Maya eyes the soft bunny. She got up her nerve to pet it eventually, just for a second. I petted it, too. It was really soft.

Future farmers.

 Back at home, Maya helped me turn the garden.

 Hmm, I wonder what this stuff tastes like...

 Eww! Bad idea, bad idea!

 Ella had fun sitting in the dirt.

 She was also very helpful carrying old plants from the garden to the compost pile.

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