Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Baybay & Baybee: Week 76 (1/16-1/22)

76 weeks old!

I turned 31 years old on Monday. Brett and I baked my birthday cake while the girls took their morning nap. We made a carrot-coconut-pineapple cake, with delicious cream cheese frosting. All four of us shared two big pieces (and they sang, "Happy Birthday" to me) before lunch. I wasn't feeling great (the start of a cold) most of my birthday, but it still was a very nice day.

Excitedly watching me frost the cake.

Maya wants to eat the whole cake.


A birthday present for me from Kathy. Maya's eyes lit up when she saw that it was boots that I was unwrapping. She tried them on before I did. They were a little big for her. They fit me perfectly!

On Thursday, while playing in the living room with Maya and Ella, I witnessed the sweetest thing. Ella had climbed up onto one of the chairs at the table, but now wanted to get down. She can do this on her own, but often asks for "help" as she did this time, by putting one hand on the other and using the sign. As I watched from the couch, Maya walked over to her sister, took her hand and stood there while Ella used her support to slowly scoot herself down from the chair. It was such a sweet moment and I imagine a little glimpse of many more to come in the months ahead. 

My little rocking-boaters.

Maya balances in the back of the boat, with the help of her sister's shoulder. Bananas make the boat ride even better!

Look, no hands!

Whoa, stop rockin' the boat!

Maya's turn to be the captain.

Here are two cute videos of Maya with Dada.

Up to the ceiling is a fun game that they play a lot.


Kathy came for a visit and brought with her Maya's hat with a new pom-pom sewed on the top. Ella had pulled off the pom-pom in the car one day and ever since then, Maya had been disappointed (to say the least) whenever she went to the hat basket to pick out her favorite hat.

"Yay! My hat is fixed!"

Happy to see Grandma.

So excited!

A quiet close up.

Here are a few extra pictures from the week.

The snow in the bowl has been such a hit. We even tried it in the bath. It worked great until the bowl sunk and the snow disappeared. 

Ella and her books. Step 1: choose book from shelf and bring it over to stool. Step 2: climb onto stool, with book. Step 3: flip through book and giggle to self. Step 4: toss book on floor. Step 5: repeat.

Maya, asking for help ("oof!") taking her shoe off, so she can wear her boots instead.  

"Bye-bye, school bus!"

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  1. i really liked the maya-on-the-ceiling video and, of course, the balancing one, which brings back memories. thanks again for yet another wonderful blog entry!