Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Baybay & Baybee: Week 81 (2/20-2/26)

81 weeks old!

In preparation for our trip south (to my parents in Florida) at the end of the week, I finally bought myself the camera lens that I've been wanting! It's a Canon 50mm f/1.8 EF fixed lens, which means there is no zoom. It takes very clear and crisp pictures, even in low light. I'm still getting used to moving my body instead of zooming, but I've already had a lot of fun with it! Here are a few of the first pictures taken with my new lens.

My beautiful husband.


Maya and Pinky Dog.



I've been meaning to mention that Maya has recently started to use the sign for "help" not only when she wants help, but when she wants TO help. For example, when I am in the kitchen she will come over to me and sign "help", as in, "Please, Mama, can I help you cook?" I find this so endearing that I will often let her help, even if I was very much wanting to cook by myself.

This pad of paper from Aunt Anne has become very colorful.

I took Maya and Ella for a nice walk on Wednesday. They fell asleep for most of it and I had fun taking pictures.

Afternoon moon from our walk.

Guy stopped by on Thursday for a visit before we left for Florida. Here Ella is helping him with his zipper.

On Friday, I took the girls to play at Cup and Top while Brett did some work at home. Not only did we have a fun time playing, but Maya and Ella both wore underwear instead of diapers. They used the big toilet and had no accidents while we were out! I keep expecting that the girls will have an accident while we are out since we've been mostly forgoing diapers when we go places (I always bring a cloth diaper and change of clothes for them just in case), but so far so good!


Maya doesn't approve of the ponytails.

This is why Ella's hair doesn't stay up for long.

One down, one more to go.

Watching a video on Mama's computer.

Our house is a mess! Good thing we're going to Florida soon...

Our flight on Sunday was way better than we had imagined, mainly thanks to an awesome stewardess, who moved us to a whole row all to ourselves! Normally, we have to sit across the aisle from each other because of the number of oxygen masks.  It's one of those times that having twins makes things definitely and concretely different than having one baby.  But this flight was great because we had a whole set of three seats to ourselves!  Ella and Maya loved climbing up and down and we all enjoyed the space to move around without bothering others.

Watching the planes, trucks and people out the window at our gate.

There was time for some juggling before we boarded our plane.

And time, of course, for a snack.

Eating and waiting.

Our carry-on baggage.

Maya and Ella got to watch a video for some of the flight.

We were exhausted by the time we landed. Maya took a short nap on the plane, and Ella fell asleep on Dada's back while we were walking through the Orlando Airport.

Maya and Ella were very helpful with pulling our luggage through the airport.

When they weren't pulling the bags on their own, they helped push them while we pulled.

Just as we were arriving at Mama and Papa's house, Ella got sick and threw up in her car seat. We're not sure what happened that made her feel so sick. It could have been all the sugary snacks she ate on the plane, or it could have been that the car seat was facing forward instead of backwards like she's used to and she just got carsick. We were all shaken up by it, but Ella was fine after we washed her off and there was no more sickness for the rest of the visit.

For Maya and Ella, the first few days in Florida were spent mostly playing down by the lake in the sand, eating food, bouncing on the trampoline and playing with all the toys inside the house.  And, of course, visiting with their grandparents!

Ella checks out some bamboo on an early morning walk around the house.

"Driving" the truck.

Nap time for Maya.

Nap time for Ella.

The beach!

Maya was very cautious about the sand and water at first. She really didn't want to get sand on her body, and I don't think she liked the feel of it even on her feet.

Ella didn't seem to mind so much.

Maya warmed up to the sand after a while, especially when it was her turn to use the blue shovel. 


Me and my camera.

So happy!


A fun way to spend the day.

The girls learned to say the word "dig" while we were in Florida.

We got to see Amber, Atom and Trillian on Tuesday. I loved watching all the kids interact. They were much more able to play together than last visit and everyone was so cute together. I wish they could all play together more often.

Atom, all dressed up.


Trillian, giving her cousin a push.

Atom was so good with his cousins. He gave them hugs and was sweet and patient with them.

Going out in an afternoon rainstorm was Maya's highlight of the day.

Atom joined her and the two of them ran to and from the lake on the path many times.


So much fun!

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  1. It's been a while since I've "visited." What a great post! They are so very adorable. What great parents you two are!