Monday, May 26, 2014

Baybay & Baybee: Week 111 (9/18-9/24)

111 weeks old!

Two sillies.

Our big adventure this week was apple picking! On Saturday we met Alex, Julie and Jackson at Quonquont farm in Whately. We picked a huge bag of apples to take home, and ate lots more from the trees while we were there. We sampled many different kinds, but our favorite was the Macouns.

Looking at the field and waiting for our friends to arrive.

Picking her first apple.

"This one is tasty... but look at all those others!"

They ate a lot of apples.

Making our way up one of the rows of trees.


Can you find Jackson?


Alex and Jackson carry their bag together.

Julie shows Ella a feather they found.

Races in the apple orchard.

Me carrying a tired Ella.

Dada's turn and a little balancing.


I'm not sure what is going on in this picture.

Peaceful Ella and Julie.


I wasn't feeling well in the beginning of the week. I think I had a little cold, but it didn't stay with me long. Maya and Ella have been sleeping better at night so that helped me get more rest, though they still get up around 5:45 in the morning, which is just too early.

Packing. We continued to pack things away, little by little. That's Maya in the box, wearing a hat.

Making applesauce with Dada!

Making pizza with Mama!

Making breakfast with their new kitchen!

Some cute things from the week: Maya has started taking it upon herself to bring a glass of water to people when she hears them cough.  On the not so sweet side of things, Ella has told me: "Mama, go way!" a couple times this week. It happens when she wants to do something herself, like play with the glass of water she was just spilling, or stir the potatoes on the stove without me hovering near her.

Also, Ella has been being very, very, loud at times. She will randomly burst out with the lovely sound of "BOUWWW!!!" I'm not sure why.

Maya on the trampoline.

Ella on the trampoline.

I love that smile.




Selena came over to visit.

Picking and eating tomatoes in the front garden.

My best shot at getting everyone to look at the camera at the same time.

The girls and I went out to get a treat together one afternoon.

Chocolate chip muffins were the unanimous choice.

Ella picking out the chocolate chips from her muffin.

Brett took Maya and Ella for an adventure at the Florence Community Garden. They found a fun log to crawl through.

A fun place to play.

Brett's artistic shot.

It's been nice to notice that the girls are playing together more and more often. They still play mostly on their own, but alongside one another. They seem to really enjoy the other's company.

Building towers together.

Corn shucking teamwork.

One to push, one to pedal.

Picnic lunch on the bed.


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