Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Baybay & Baybee: Week 112 (9/25-10/1)

112 weeks old!

Lots of fun things happened this week. Daisy and Valter came to visit us. They stayed overnight and we all went for a bike ride the next day. Later in the week (the day before we moved!) we went down to CT to help Daisy and Valter celebrate their wedding.

Ella cautiously approaches Daisy first thing in the morning.

Getting ready for our bike ride.

Daisy and Valter borrowed our bikes and continued on a much longer all-day ride after we said goodbye a few miles together on the bikepath.

We visited a large tractor that was parked beside the bike path on our way back home.

Daisy and Valter said their vows along the shore of Shenipsit Lake in Ellington, CT. It was a beautiful day to get married. This gorgeous flower bouquet was made by Selena for the bride.

Marylou and her granddaughter Tabitha.

Maya and Pinky Dog by the water.

Asher, Ella and Maya throwing rocks into the water before the ceremony.

Ella and Brett.

Getting ready to listen to the vows.

The beautiful bride and groom.

So much love.

Jack with his granddaughter.

Terry and Asher.

Group wedding photo.

Walking back to our car.

This was our last week living on Bliss Street. We finished packing up our things, with lots of help from friends and family. Thanks so much to Kathy and Craig, Guy, Selena, Spartan and Alex for all the moving help and time spent with the girls this week. All of their help made our move so much smoother and easier that it could have been. Leaving our home (even with the excitement of the new one) was stressful and emotional for all of us.

Maya and Ella seemed to understand what was happening in general, but little pieces of the whole puzzle will take a while to sink in. During our first few days in the Willow Street house, they kept asking where Sia and Josephine (friends who lived in the house before us) were, and when they would be coming over to play.

Guy pushes the girls in the swings while we pack.

A walk/ride over to Ben's house with Selena to feed the chickens.

Selena also packed up most of our kitchen!

Kathy, teaching Maya how to use her camera.

Jen and Nate, and baby Noah, moved into the Bliss Street house as soon as we moved out. They were unloading their things on one side of the carport, while we were loading things on the other side to move to our new house. All while at the same time, Sia and her family were moving their things out of the Willow Street house. It was a crazy couple days!

There goes our couch around the corner!

The last few things left to move!

Last bit of fun in our old living room.

So many leaves to play in at our new house!

Crunch, crunch, crunch.

Maya in the big leaf pile.

It's a fun game to pile leaves on Mama.

More leaves for me!

Girls in purple. Maya and Josephine share a snack outside while Sia finishes packing up their last few things from the house.

One of my favorite moments was a conversation our girls had on Thursday afternoon. They had been playing with blocks in the kitchen while we were listening to music and I was washing dishes. Holding hands, Maya and Ella walked happily together out of the kitchen looking back at me:
"We friends!"
"Bye, Mama!"
"Going play swings." (they walk to the front door and pretend that they are swinging on swings)
"Big push!"
"Hi, Mama! We home!" (as they walk together back into the kitchen)

New games we've been playing this week include the very frequent question, "Where is Ella/Maya... must be hiding somewhere?" This game is most often played while the girls hide behind someone's back.

Dancing in the kitchen.



Ella playing with the little wagon and people.

Maya in the sandbox.

We found some stumps to climb on while biking around the block.

We also found a Dada on his way home from work!

"Hi Dada! We're biking, too!"

Hitching a ride home.

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