Friday, June 13, 2014

Baybay & Baybee: Week 115 (10/16-10/22)

115 weeks old!

Brett celebrated his 33rd birthday this week. Maya, Ella and I made him a cake, and we had a birthday dinner with his parents in Leyden. Kathy also made Brett a cake, so we had lots of yummy dessert after a nice meal.

Making a birthday apple cake for a very special husband and dada.

Decorated with apple slices and starfruit.

Ella doing a puzzle at Grandma and Grandpa's house.

Playing on the swings in Leyden.

Pushes for Ella.

Happy birthday to Brett! (photo by Kathy)

This Tuesday was our last day using the booster seats for the girls to sit in for meals at the table. They've graduated to regular chairs. Often they prefer to stand while eating, which is one reason that we decided to make the change--standing on the booster seats doesn't seem safe! It's been nice to have all four chairs open for sitting in (instead of just two) for us adults, and the cleaning up after meals is way easier.

Brett brought over the play structure from Bliss Street this week!

Other things that happened this week included a play date with Jackson at Alex and Julie's house,  a family adventure to see Art in the Orchard (which included the unfortunate misplacement of one very special Pinky Dog who got left behind among the pumpkins, but was safely rescued and returned home by me a few hours later), and lots of playing the backyard.

Maya playing the little piano at Jackson's house.

Eating a snack together.

A fun day for a ride in the wagon with Uncle Guy.

It's the little things in life that make us so happy!

I took this fun little series of pictures of three silly apple eaters one afternoon...

Hugs for Maya.

Selena wants hugs, too!

A leaf for everyone.

My favorite shot.

Hiding... mostly.

Playing in the backyard with Dada.

Maya asked to have her bangs trimmed. She really starts to be bothered by the hair getting in her eyes. Ella's bangs remain long for now.

Art in the Orchard!

Me and my babies.

Too bad this one was taken right into the sun, but still a fun family shot!

Down to see the horse sculptures. Maya was a little nervous about them.

So cute in her overalls. Can you spot pinky dog in this picture?

We were all so distracted by the cuteness that we forgot to make sure we had everyone with us when we moved on to other parts of the farm...

...this is where I found Pinky Dog when I drove back to look for her, while Maya was trying to hold it together at home. After having searched the whole car and house inside and out, we were sure she must have been left at the farm. The lady who was working their said that she found Pinky Dog by the pumpkins and put her up near the house so she'd be easy to spot. She was SO happy to know that the (according to her), "very well loved and undoubtably missed" stuffed animal was going home to her little girl.

Brett brought up a box of games from the basement to unpack. Some of them had to be played with first.

Maya and Ella have been great about using the potties by themselves. We hardly remind them anymore (except at transition times). Now if we could just get them to use the regular toilet, that would really be something.

At HooteNanny this week, Maya asked for a "bike" during the "as big as what?" time, and Ella said "cow" when Katryna asked her what animal she'd like during the farm song. This was really the first time that either girl spoke up for themselves when asked questions during HooteNanny. Also, Ella was doing the hand motions during the "Ram sam sam" song and keeping time very well. They sure are growing up!

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