Thursday, September 29, 2011

Baybay & Baybee: Week 7

7 Weeks old!

We have seen so many changes over the past few weeks. The girls have outgrown most newborn clothes and now fit pretty well in 3-6 month outfits. They are growing up so fast!

Ella is a champion sleeper, regularly taking a 3+ hour nap during the day. At night, she is almost always the second baby up. We often wonder how long she would sleep if we let her, instead of waking her to feed both girls at once. She loves to take long baths, and enjoys resting in our arms in the warm water while having her hair washed. She is content to sit in her rocky chair and chew on her shirt, or lay on a blanket for extended periods of time just watching us go about our day. Staring at lights and contemplating their luminosity is a favorite pastime. She's got a rockstar head of hair, which forms a mohawk all on its own. She has recently started melting our hearts with big smiles, especially when she is at the sink for a diaper change, or when she knows she is going to eat soon. Her eating style often resembles a cat who has just caught a mouse, clomping on and off the breast, licking and shaking her head back and forth, until she finally settles down to nurse. She usually has two burps after she eats. The first one is safe. The second one comes with spit-up 90% of the time. When she cries, she is LOUD.

Ella with her Papa.

Sleeping on her tummy.

Ella is getting better at sleeping without being swaddled. It's so cute when she spends a while calmly watching the world go by and then falls alseep.

Maya has taken to EC with great enthusiasm and skill. She usually wakes up when she needs to pee, squirms around, starts to fuss or cry, letting us know that she has to go. Yesterday, she went most of the day in the same dry diaper because we always made it to the sink on time! Since she was born, she has had a strong preference for being bounced on the ball, rather than being rocked to sleep, though she has recently started to appreciate the comfort of rocking. She has long light eyelashes and her eyes sparkle when she smiles. Faces are a great source of interest and looking at us is when she is the most smiley. Eating is one of her favorite pastimes, and when she eats, she doesn't mess around. She will latch on and stay put until she falls asleep. Though she is a very serious eater, she is not at all quiet about it. As she sucks, you might wonder who is playing with the squeaky toy in the room. Her burps resonate, and she could hold her own in a room full of teenage boys. In the rare instance that Ella is up first at night, Maya always schooches herself over to where Ella was in the co-sleeper, making whining sounds. We think she misses her little sister.

Such a strong girl!

Maya says, "Bath time makes me sleepy!"

A nap in the carseat.

All dressed up!

Both girls have just recently started to "hug" when they are picked up. They sort of cling on and lean into us. It's so adorable. They have also added many different coos and squeals to their sound repertoire. Tummy time is usually spent together on the bed and the girls are big fans of holding their heads up and trying mightily to flip onto their backs, which often results in flailing into each other. They can't quite make it all the way over on their own.

The girls are not quite ready to play with toys. They are more intersted in trying to find something to suck on. Like their sister's clothing.

Gazing out the window at the light.

On Sunday, we had a great day at Brett's parents house. The girls got to spend lots of time with their Grandma while Brett and I rested. They also got to meet their great grandparents for the first time.

Maya with her Great Grandpa Val.

A picture of us with Grandma Mary, holding her great grandaughter for the first time.

We also had a lovely visit from Aunt Anne this week. She came over for an afternoon and got to meet Maya and Ella.

Aunt Anne carries Ella in the same Snuggli that she took me for a walk in when I was a baby.

7 weeks old and already learning how to share.


  1. They look so much bigger already! I LOVE Maya's blue overalls with the ducky and the little slippers! So cute!

  2. They're really starting to show signs of their different personalities. So precious!

  3. Jenny, you are amazing, putting all this together so delightfully!