Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Baybay & Baybee: Week 11

11 weeks old!

Notice the girls' spiffy new diaper covers? Benita and Sam generously passed along 7 Thirsties covers that they weren't using. This brand happens to be one of our favorite kinds and they are already getting good use. Thank you!

This was Brett's birthday week. On Wednesday he turned 31! We celebrated his special day with a nap, a walk, a fun evening at our Centering group reunion, and pumpkin cheese cake.

A birthday nap.

Through our pregnancy, the Centering group we were part of at the Midwifery Center was a great tool for us. Now that everyone has had their babies, it was time for a reunion! Everyone brought food and we sat around playing with our babies and sharing experiences.

What is everyone looking at?


The whole group together.

Maya and Ella had their two month check up this week, along with their first set of shots. I was pretty much dreading the shot part all day, but it wasn't as bad as I had feared. Both girls screamed (they had to get three different shots!) and we comforted them and I nursed them soon after. Ella took it harder than Maya. She was so upset that she refused to eat for a good two minutes after the shots. Both girls fell asleep almost as soon as we put them back in the Moby's and slept the whole walk home. I think the crying knocked them out.

Maya was fascinated with the mirror at the doctor's office!

I went out to get some baby Tylenol later that day, in case we needed it for the evening. Having never bought baby Tylenol before, I found myself totally overwhelmed with the many different options in the medicine isle. There were so many different brands, all with varying amounts to be given and all saying to check with your doctor for babies weighting under 25 pounds. I called Amber for advice, and she helped me figure out the best thing to get. She also suggested that I bring the medicine I choose to the pharmacy and ask them to tell me the amount to give the babies. Brilliant! I felt really lucky to have a sister who has been through this before and knows what to do. Thanks, Amber!

In the evening, the girls did end up needing the Tylenol. It was so sad to see them feeling sick. They didn't seem to have a fever, but were both crying and upset and acting in a way we'd never seen before. Their cries weren't so much loud as just tired and painful. As if they were trying to say, "My body aches and I'm tired but I can't fall asleep because I just feel awful!" Giving them the Tylenol was a traumatic experience for the parents. Both babies swallowed the dose without any problem, but we were each (I gave Maya's dose and Brett gave Ella's) startled when the syringe shot the liquid into their mouth all at once instead of slowly like we had planned.

In the morning, both babies woke up smiling and seemed to feel all better! We were so relieved.

We did have a little bit of panic later in the morning. Brett started to doubt that we had given them the right size dose of medicine after reading in the little booklet from the pediatrician that the correct dose for babies this size is 40mg or .4mL. Suddenly, we started worrying that we had given them enough to damage their livers, having given them about 1.5mL! In the end, we called the poison control hotline, and they confirmed that we had given them the CORRECT amount. Brett had forgotten that the medicines come in different concentrations, and the one in the booklet was completely different and much more concentrated. A few tears were shed in the panic and a few in the relief, but the babies knew nothing of it.

Future rockstar.

Look at that hair!

We got a fun game of 7 Wonders in this week with Guy and Selena. Ella took a 3 hour nap in the Moby that day, including the whole time we played the game. Maya, who also slept a long time in the Moby, woke up in the middle of our game and helped Brett out.

Yay for getting to play a game with friends!

Which card should I play?

Later that same day, Kathy stopped by and had a fun visit with her grandchildren.

Sister fist-bump? The girls are really starting to look at one another these days. Every once and a while they will both do it at the same time. I think they are going to have a lot of fun once they really realize that they have a friend to play with all the time.

"That's what it's all about!"

All in all, not a bad week! We didn't get enough sleep, but that's nothing new. Enjoy the rest of the pictures!

Sharing some resting time on the Boppy.

Double duty.

Such cute babies!

We did great at taking walks this week. Here is a picture of us checking out a tag sale on our fourth straight day of taking a walk!

A butterfly we saw on one of our walks.


  1. atarting out with a picture of maya smiling! great beginning! lots of lovely pictures, as usual. this far-away-grandma sure does appreciate all your weekly updates. two whole minutes of fussing, huh? poor baby! love your writing style, jenny, the captions and everything all together is, well, it is wonderful!

  2. The rock star picture is AMAZING!! Along with all the others =) =)