Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Baybay & Baybee: Week 12

12 weeks old!

This week marked the first time that the girls looked at each other and smiled at the same time. They stared right into each other's eyes and smiled and smiled and smiled! It was so exciting to watch, and it has happened a couple more times since.

Look at that! It's another baby!

Along the same lines as noticing each other, we feel like they really started to respond to us more. Maya laughed at me for the first time! I was kissing her cheeks and she let out this beautiful laugh/squeal type noise. It was beautiful and I keep giving more kisses to see if I can get her to do it again, but so far no such luck. They are both "talking" up a storm and adore when we spend time making noises or sticking our tongues out at them. When I play with them, I find myself saying, "That's a good sound! How about 'Mama'? Can you say MMmm... mama!?". I have noticed that Brett does the same thing, only swapping mama with "da da". We wonder which word they will say first...

Aunt Anne came for another visit on Thursday. Again she brought a delicious lunch that we all enjoyed, complete with cranberry apple pie! It's such fun that she lives close enough to us that she is able to be a part of her great-nieces' lives. They are changing so quickly at this stage.

Aunt Anne with both babies!

I couldn't decide which picture I liked best!

We were really excited when we received a package in the mail from Amber, full of cloth diapers that she wasn't using. We are now totally set for diapers, hopefully forever! So Awesome! She also included some old clothes from when we were babies, including two shirts that say, "organically grown" on them. They won't fit Maya and Ella for long, but are very cute.

Maya wearing her new old shirt while siting in her new Bumbo chair. We got this at a kids-only charity/consignment sale on Saturday. The girls seem to really like sitting in it. It has been useful so far for taking cute pictures, and as another place to put a baby when we need free hands. It can also go in water, which we've tried in the bath. That was fun!

Brett was back and forth to the Springfield house almost every day this week getting the 3rd floor bathroom remodel going. We finally hired someone to redo almost everything in there to get rid of the leak once and for all. By the end of the week, the project was almost complete and we are looking forward to a less busy month of November. There were some pretty stressful days this week because we were both so tired and busy, me from so much time alone with babies, and Brett from driving and dealing with the house.

On Saturday, we had the first snowstorm of the year! Here are some pictures from that day and the few that followed:

Babies first snowfall!

The snow continued to fall all afternoon and into the night. Our power (and almost everyone else's for miles around) went off that evening around 6pm. It stayed off for two days! Above is a picture of us playing a game with Evan and Merry that night by candle light. We feel really lucky that our power was only off for two days, when some communities around us had to wait about a week.

The next morning.

We got over 10 inches!

It was beautiful (though a little eerie) to see the contrast of colorful leaves on the trees with the white snow on the ground.

Evan and Merry built a "stego-snow-rus" in our front yard!

On Halloween our power was still off, we were running out of clean diapers, and our house was getting chilly, so we headed up to Leyden to spend the day in the warmth of Brett's parents' house. I snapped this picture when we stopped for a break on the drive up.

The girls in their pink snowsuits.

Closeup of Maya.

We are so glad we spent the day in Leyden. Brett got to take a long nap; I got to carve pumpkins with Kathy!

I took so many pictures this month and 90% of them are of the babies. They are just so darn cute. Enjoy!

Maya's adorable grin.

She thinks purple octopus looks tasty.

And a big smile!

Ella has started trying to grab at things. Sometimes I think it's even on purpose. She also rolled over this week, while on her tummy, for the first time! Go Ella!

"Mama, you're taking so many pictures!"

Mama and Papa both had birthdays this week. Here is a sign that Maya and Ella made for their Grandma, to celebrate her special day.

Bath time! Not that I particularly want to remember it, but I think it's worth noting that Ella pooped on me while we were taking a bath together this week. Needless to say, next time she had a bath, Brett went in with her.

While Brett was doing his Pedal People route on Tuesday, the girls and I took a long walk down the bike path to the grocery store. It was a beautiful day. After shopping, we all got tired, so when Brett was done working, he came and picked us up with the car and brought us back home.

Maya caught a leaf!


  1. I'm so glad that you're already experiencing those amazing moments that only parents of multiples get. Those things get better and better and make the not sleeping much more bearable.

  2. True confession... I have talked with the girls saying "Can you say 'Grandma'? Sherry, maybe you can work on this...
    Hugs to all.