Saturday, April 12, 2014

Baybay & Baybee: Week 105 (8/7-8/13)

105 weeks old! (photo taken on their birthday)

We spent the first half of this week excitedly awaiting the arrival of Amber, Scott, Atom and Trillian, as well as Mama and Papa! Maya and Ella were looking forward to family coming to visit, and were excited about their birthday. They knew there would be a party with cupcakes and candles to blow out, and presents! They talked about it a lot. We did a bunch of little outings in the first half of the week to help with the waiting.

At the barnyard, watching the animals.

Maya checks out the horses.

Checking out all the fun balloons at the grocery store.

Maya and Ella know that if they come to the bank with me, the teller will give them stickers.

Riding on the mowers at The Home Depot.

Coconut and Orange, on another grocery shopping trip with Dada.

We've been slowly packing up things in our house, in preparation for our move. The girls are always glad to help.

Playing in the sandbox with Mira.

Selena came over to play while we did some packing.

Slides are so much fun!

Grandma Kathy and Grandpa Craig also helped us out this week with packing/moving and child watching.

On Friday afternoon, everyone arrived! Amber's family got here first, followed by Mama and Papa a couple hours later. Maya and Ella had just gotten up from a nap when their cousins got here. It took a few minutes for everyone to warm up and start playing together, but after that, Atom, Trillian, Maya, and Ella were pretty much inseparable the rest of the week.

Trillian was the one who wanted to play right away.

Trillian and Ella are a good pair.

Maya and Atom really hit it off. 

Ella helps Papa cut up vegetables for a stir fry dinner on Friday night.

I stayed up late that night making peach cupcakes.

On Saturday, we celebrated Maya and Ella's birthday!! It was a fun party, with a delicious fruit salad, good friends and lots of presents.

Waiting for guests to arrive.

Maya wanted lots of little ponytails in her hair.

Maya and Grandma Sherry.

A hair tie for every finger.

Ella and Grandma Kathy.

Bridget, Tabitha and Sherry.

Ella and Olivia swing together.

Lots of people in the sandbox.


 The girls were a little overwhelmed by all the people and attention at times.

 New boots, new headband and new goat on a stick toy.

Yum, fruit salad!

Atom, Ella, and Selena.

Maya and Trilian playing in the water.

Maya loves her cousin Atom.

Playing on the structure.


Later in the week, before Amber, Scott and the kids went home, we had a play date at Look Park with Steech and his family. It was a chilly day and everyone was a little clingy. 

...and by "a little" I mean a lot.

Looking at the birds with Dada.

The train ride. Ella enjoyed it. Maya did not.

New developments this week include Ella singing to herself a lot (especially the ABC's and counting songs) and Maya putting together a very well thought out sentence. I told her that I wanted some more water to drink and she went to Dada and said, "Mama, ice water, Dada get!". 

We spent a lot of time this week getting the upstairs of Willow Street set up. Amber's family stayed up there while they were here, and there was so much to do to the space to get it ready for guests. I did a lot of painting and cleaning and figuring out what to buy. Guy and Brett picked up a bed and futon couch. Papa helped fix many things and Guy even repaired the floor! We are so thankful to our family for all the help in this somewhat stressful transition period.

Sunflowers across the street from our house. I'm going to miss this view when we move.

Close-up of our front yard.

New bed, set up for Amber and Scott to use upstairs at Willow St.

Amber painted all the kitchen cabinets!

And the whole kitchen!

Scott helped with some electrical work, as well as many other projects while he was here, plus the childcare he did with Brett.

Cousins, popcorn and a video.

Brett and I snuck away and got ice cream cones one afternoon.

Amber, Scott, Atom and Trillian enjoying the swings.

Amber gets her hair brushed!

A walk to Cup & Top on Saturday morning with cousins paired instead of siblings in the strollers.

Eating some snack.

Maya and Atom go down the slide together.

Maya (being just like Atom) reading a book while using the big potty.

My two-year-olds.

Ella sings the ABC's.

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