Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Baybay & Baybee: Week 106 (8/14-8/20)

106 weeks old!

We said 'goodbye' to my parents and my sister's family at the beginning of this week. The weather continued to be beautiful, and the upstairs apartment at Willow Street really came together. We had our first Airbnb guest stay the night that Mama and Papa went back to Florida. They enjoyed their stay and left us such a sweet first note in our guestbook.

Papa did so much work clearing down by the river and trimming the trees in our new backyard. It looks amazing!

Papa's steps!

Evan helps Brett carry the stove that I got through Craigslist. Brett hauled it home with the Pedal People trailer, and we're storing in the basement until we move into the downstairs apartment.

Selena put together some beautiful bouquets for our first Airbnb guests.

The bedroom.

The living/dining room.

The nook sleeping spot.

The kitchen.

The upstairs porch.

On Saturday, Ella said the ABC's correctly all the way up to the letter 'p'! She also named something for the first time; a very soft bunny that her Great Aunt Heidi and Uncle Harold sent for her birthday. She calls it "Amy". Also, after months of saying, "fire" while holding their flat hand up to their mouth, both girls started saying the word "pacifier" this week.

Ella wears her little Ergo (another birthday gift) with a sheep in the back.

Maya got an Ergo, too.

Getting ready for a walk together.

Maya has been really absorbed in her own pretend play this week. She has spent a lot of time making tea and pretending to drink it.

Blueberries are good for counting and stacking.

On Monday, the girls had their two-year doctor's appointment. Both are healthy, but it was kind of a tough check-up. Both girls, but especially Maya, really just didn't want to cooperate with the doctor, so after making it through the basics, we skipped the shots and blood draws for now.  I'm not sure why they were so nervous/scared, but maybe this was one of the first times at the doctor where they were truly aware of what was happening. While we were waiting for the doctor, Maya overheard some other kids crying and it really upset her.

Maya on the rocking horse in the waiting room.

Ella and me at the doctor's office.

We spent some time over at Willow Street this week, cutting the grass and cleaning the upstairs. We also spent a little time in our garden at home, and tried to do more packing inside the house.

Watching Dada cut the grass.

Picnic lunch while Dada mows. (They are saying "Good job, Dada.")

Ella helped.

Selena and Ella on the hammock at Willow Street.

Such happiness.

All three swinging together.

Brett took the girls for a walk one day and ended up at Crimson and Clover farm near our house. They discovered fun swings there!

Watching a video on a cozy spot in the kitchen while I make some dinner.

Helping shuck the corn.

Bedtime stories.

Extra video!

Apples and tickles!

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