Monday, July 21, 2014

Baybay & Baybee: Week 118 (11/6-11/12)

118 weeks old! (27 months)

Mama and Papa were here for a few more days in the beginning of this week. It was nice to spend so much time with them. Papa did many things around the yard and house and we also all managed a few more outings, including a nice afternoon in Leyden, before my parents left to go home.

Ella on the slide in Leyden.

Maya on the slide.

Brett and Kathy watching the girls play.

My parents.

One going down, one going in.

Current favorite foods:

Ella likes raisins, cucumber and avocado.
Maya likes cucumber and avocado, but doesn't care for raisins.

Current favorite book:

"Watch your step, Mr. Rabbit!" by Richard Scarry

Inspired by my friend Sarabeth, I have started trying to write down some of the adorable things that the girls say. Now that they are talking more, it is going to be a challenge to keep up because it seems to me that everything they say is adorable! My friend calls these, "isms" and here are the first few that I've recorded, from Ella.


We sometimes Skype with Toby. During one of the last times we talked to him, he was standing for most of conversation with his arms crossed. Ella, being the ever-observant person that she is, exclaimed at breakfast one morning this week that she was (with her arms crossed), "Standing just like Uncle Toby does!"

"Wearing pretty shawl just like Mira!" said Ella with a blanket draped over her shoulders (because Mira often wears very pretty shawls).

Reading the current favorite book with Grandma.

Ella getting a tractor massage.

Taking a look at the terraces that Papa built this week.

Papa also shored up and repaired our stairway to the second floor porch!

A visit to the barnyard.

Holding hands.

Climbing on the hay bale stack.

Watching the cows eat.

Sleep is getting better! Maya, especially, has been going down for naps and nighttime sleep easily and we've been doing a sticker reward for sleeping well, which they are excited about.

Watching a Signing Time video.

Maya brought a whole pile of books over to this spot and then preceded to read each one to herself.

Playing music at HooteNanny.

Maya's turn.

Ella: "Sing Puff the magic dragon while Maya brushes my hair."
Maya: "Nice and clean!"

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