Sunday, July 20, 2014

Baybay & Baybee: Week 117 (10/30-11/5)

117 weeks old!

Brett and I made a new schedule this week, planning more times to get specific things done and scheduling in time for ourselves. Hopefully it will help us to feel more productive. Maya and Ella have been singing so much! They have also been LOVING the Signing Time videos and know so many signs still.   

Family picture from HooteNanny.

Me and Ella in the middle.

The day before Mama and Papa arrived from Florida for their visit, Kathy and Craig came over for the afternoon to bring us some bulbs to put in the ground. Maya and Ella were happy to help with the planting!

They also did some swinging.

Peaceful Ella in the swing.

Ella helps her Grandma put the bulbs in the planter tool.

Maya ready with the watering can.

Three lovely ladies.

I just love this picture.

Ella shows me her dirty hands.

Maya has dirty hands, too.

Grandpa brings the water.

Grandma and Papa arrived just in time for Halloween. It was a slightly rainy evening, but we went for a very short walk anyway, stopping at 2 or 3 houses to knock for candy. Maya was a dressed as a tiger and Ella was a monkey. They didn't quite get the whole idea at first, and tried to give the candy that they'd gotten from the first house back to the people at the second house. 

My two cute little animals.

Maya the tiger.

She thought the tail was pretty neat.

It took some convincing for the girls to understand that it was okay to take the candy. The only year this will be true, I'm sure!

Grandma and grandchildren.

Sorting different nuts with Papa.

Drawing pictures.

Up in the air and all around.

"I'm going to get you!"

We had a fun puddle splash/walk after a very rainy day.


Grandparents and granddaughters.

Me and my Mama.

Both girls, though especially Ella, have been very resistant to putting on clothes and going outside. It's a little chilly to be without clothes, so this has made for some frustrating times, along with being stuck inside more often than not.

Maya's outfit choice one afternoon.

Ella's outfit choice most days.

In a box.

Maya putting a diaper on her sister, so that they can pretend to be babies.

"Turning, turning, round 'till morning..."

When we are able to get them outside (with or without clothes) they have a great time. We had a fun little walk/bike ride with Selena one afternoon, Maya helped Papa with some rock moving/digging in the back yard, and it's fun to just play in the leaves that are all around our house. 

Bike riders.


Maya found a pretty leaf.

Riding and searching for pretty leaves.

Maya and Papa.

Ella and some more leaves.

Petting the black cat that visits our yard quite often.

All dressed up and nowhere to go.

Monkeys jumping.

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