Saturday, April 16, 2011

Week 22

Time for comparison pictures!

22 weeks on the left, and 4 weeks on the right. Also fun photos for playing the "Guess how many differences you can find!" game.

It's been an emotional week for me. I haven't gotten enough sleep and I haven't eaten enough, both of which I'm sure have contributed to my weepy state. I have just been feeling overwhelmed with life in general. Brett had a really busy week with work and it was hard for me to see him so busy when I could hardly get myself motivated to work on a fun project like setting up the room for the babies. In the end, I did manage to start on that, which felt good.

But, now the week is over, Brett is on vacation and I am feeling better today. Also, I'm excited to see my family on Wednesday! The babies continue to kick me every day. I think they especially like when I eat oranges.


  1. we're excited to be seeing you soon too! great comparison pictures. at first glance papa said, "the plant has gotten bigger too" then he realized it was a christmas tree.

  2. I love the comparison pictures! Nice job setting that up!