Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Baybay & Baybee: Week 16

16 weeks old!

Last week we were in Florida with my family; this week we spent Thanksgiving with Brett's family. We ate yummy food, dressed the girls up in their frilly pink and purple dresses (Thanks, Aunt Heidi!), and spent a nice day in Leyden with everyone. The girls got to see their great grandparents again, meet their Great Uncle Ray and Great Aunt and Uncle Marilyn and Adam for the first time.

Brett and Ella playing before the big meal.

Kathy and Maya in the sun.

"Hi,Uncle Guy!"

Maya snuggles with her Great Aunt Marilyn while playing with her Great Grandma Mary's hand.

I tried to get a shot of everyone as we sat down to eat, but it didn't work out so well. It still gives the general idea, though. Such a pretty table and so many lovely people.

Maya liked looking at her great grandma.

The hard part about this week was that Brett and I both got sick and Maya and Ella didn't sleep as well as they had been sleeping. We were both mostly over our colds by the end of the week, but we were totally drained from lack of sleep and our bodies were tired from being sick. The girls, fortunately, didn't seem to catch the cold, at least not fully. They were both a little stuffed up, especially in the evenings, but never had a fever or fussed any more than usual.

Maya found her thumb this week! She doesn't consistently suck on it yet, but I've seen her do it a few times. Ella isn't far behind, though she seems to prefer her thumb and first finger together, rather than just the thumb.

The girls have really started to enjoy games such as, "Up in the air!" (Lift baby up over your head, then back down. Repeat.), and "Boo!" (Look at baby, turn your head to the side, turn back and say, "boo!" Repeat over and over.) Both games get smiles every time, and the occasional laugh.

Not so sure about having their picture taken.

Listening to a story, read by their friend, Jim.

While we were in Florida last week, the girls tried sleeping on a futon on the floor near our bed. It worked out so well that we decided to try the same thing at home. The first night they slept on the futon, in the middle of the night, Maya had somehow scooched her way almost off of the bed so she was sleeping half on the floor. Brett put her back and she hasn't done it since. This arrangement should work for us for a while - at least a few more months, until they start moving around more. I'm not sure what we will do then.

Taking a nap together on their new bed.

Night time sleep has been pretty awful this week. We have a good bedtime routine (naked time playing on the floor, bath, into nightime diapers and sleepsacks, nurse, bed) and they fall asleep right away when we lay them down and give their pacifiers. Usually, they are asleep by 7 p.m., but then the waking up starts. One or both will wake up around 11:30 (if not before) and want to eat. We try to get them both up then, change diapers (or offer a chance to pee because they are often dry) and I will nurse them. They go back to bed, but have been waking up again around 2 a.m., we think because they need to pee again. The rest of the night sometimes goes well after they are changed, but often they wake up a couple more times and around 5 a.m. I will nurse them again. By that time, we are so tried from all the broken up sleep that I will just nurse one baby in bed lying down, and then turn over and nurse the other. All that nursing takes about an hour and I end up not being able to sleep very well because there isn't enough room in our bed with everyone all smooshed together. I really want to get back to the pattern of waking up once to feed during the night that we had going on a few weeks back. That schedule seems so luxurious right now.

Maya, about to roll over. Having rolled often from front to back before, she rolled from her back to her front for the first time this week! She has done it a couple times since, but she has to be in the right mood.

The girls are now fitting into 6-9 month clothes! Some are still a little baggy, but the 3 month clothes are all too tight now. They are getting so big!


  1. another wonderful post! thank you jenny and brett for all the great pictures and weekly updates! love, mama

  2. The sleep will go through so many phases, but it's crazy frustrating to have it going really well and then have setbacks. We still have our ups and downs at 2.5 years... now that they're climbing out of their cribs! I had a (childless) co-worker who said the other day, "Wow. I just feel so well rested today." I told her to not say it again in front of me. :)

    At any rate, you all seem to be doing amazingly well for only 16 weeks in. I was only still barely making it through the day by this point! The girls are beautiful and happy and you're both doing a great job!