Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Baybay & Baybee: Week 19

19 weeks old!

It seems like a lot happened this week when I look back at all of the pictures. I am glad that I snap so many photos as the days go by because at the end of any given week, I often feel so tired that I can't remember what we did with our days.

First off, the girls had their four-month doctor's visit, so we have some new stats! Maya, the smaller baby at birth, has officially surpassed her sister on the scale, weighing in at 13 lbs., 8 oz. Ella was close behind at 12 lbs., 14 oz. The doctor wasn't worried about either of them as far as weight and everything else checked out fine, too. Even the shots went smoothly, with minimal crying on everyone's part (I am proud of how well I did, especially.)

Fun looking in the mirror while we wait at the doctor's office.

We had a nice walk home from our appointment. The babies fell right asleep and kept us warm.

We had a few visits/visitors this week. Aunt Anne came out to see us on Thursday. We have started to look forward to her monthly visits. She's really good with the babies and it's great fun for us to see her so often!

Aunt Anne returns from a walk with a sleeping Maya.

Tuesday evening, Toby arrived! Brett picked him up at the airport, and we are really looking forward to having Toby here for a few weeks. The last time he visited was just after the babies were born, and we were pretty out of it. This time will be more fun.

Toby and Brett waste no time when it comes to playing games.

As you can see in the picture above, we now have a beautiful Christmas tree in our living room! Brett's parents got us one the same time they got theirs. We collected it on Friday when we took a trip up to Greenfield to see Kathy sing. Her chorus, Clinical Notes, has a lot of fun and sounds really good. They sang their holiday concert and we brought two new audience members (Maya and Ella, of course!) to hear them sing. Both girls were pretty good listeners, even if they did need some attention paid to them, and maybe it helped that they each got a meal during the concert.

Visiting after the show.

I've been having fun with videos lately. As the twins start to notice one another more, it's been very interesting to watch them figure things out. I'm sure this is just a glimps into the many days to come of sharing toys.

Learning how to share... or their first fight?

I am pretty sure the twins are starting to teethe. Their hands are always in their mouths. Maya is doing this thing where she pulls on her gums, snapping her fingers out of her mouth. They are both enjoying chew toys. All these things point to teething, plus I just think they are.

Maybe because of the teething, sleeping hasn't been great this week. It seems like every morning Brett and I try to figure out why things weren't as good as they once were, and how we can possibly make them better. Neither of them is sleeping particularly long stretches, and they both need help many times each night. On the other hand, naps have stayed pretty good. Saturday felt like one long day of naps; it was like we had only one baby because the girls were both taking long naps, but on alternate schedules! It was fun, but a little strange. Here's hoping we get some better sleep in the weeks to come.



Here are some extra pictures from the week!

Little baby, big toy!

"Mama, please, some privacy!"

I was curious how hard it would be to carry both babies at once. The answer: not hard at all, but you need another person to help with the set up.

The babies are still a little bit small for the exersaucer, but we've started putting them in it sometimes anyway and it's fun for a little while.

Cute overalls and kisses!

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  1. I remember at 4 months Millie went through a stage of not sleeping as well. I got the suggestion to crank up the white noise more and make where she sleeps completely dark. Something in their development at that time makes them extra light sleepers. It seemed to help. Good luck!