Sunday, December 25, 2011

Baybay & Baybee: Week 18

18 weeks old!

Maya and Ella welcomed their newest cousin into the world this week! Amber gave birth to Trillian Layne Fischler on Sunday, December 11th. She weighed 6 lbs. 9 oz. and has fuzzy blond hair, just like Maya did when she was born. Congratulations, Amber and Scott, and welcome to the family, baby Trillian!

Amber, Trillian and Mama, just a few hours after Trillian was born. Even though we are far away, we've been able to "meet" Trillian through Skype a couple of times. She's very cute!

Sunday was a long and busy day for us. After the news in the morning of Trillian's birth, Brett and I got ready for a day of being out in the world. We had two parties to go to: first a birthday celebration for our friend Mark, and second, a baby shower for our friend Hannah. The events overlapped each other, so all four of us went to Mark's party first, and after about half an hour, Ella and I left Brett and Maya (plus a bottle of milk) at the party and drove up to Keene, NH for the baby shower. (That morning, to decide which baby would come with me and which would stay with Brett, we wrote their names on two pieces of paper and randomly chose.) The car ride up to Keene was about an hour, but it took us a little longer because Ella got hungry. Hannah's baby shower was really fun and Ella was SO happy the entire time. She smiled and talked to everyone who held her. In total, the twins (and their parents) were separated for four and a half hours, and it was a happy reunion when I arrived home, although Ella was very cranky by then.

Ella and her friend Hannah, who will have a baby boy in February.

The twins celebrated their 4-month-birthday this week! It was a nice day outside so we took a walk to the library. It's amazing to me that it has been 4 months already.

On Wednesday, Brett and I had dental appointments. We left the girls with Kathy while we drove up to our dentist's office in Worthington. We saw some really pretty sights, since the night before there had been snow in the hilltowns.

A sample of the pretty sights we saw on our ride into the hills.

Unfortunately, we forgot that we had changed our original appointment times, and Brett missed his cleaning. Oh well. It was a nice drive and good for us to spend some time alone together. The girls were pretty happy when we got home, but Ella had had a little crying fit after she woke up from her nap. Kathy is so great at watching the girls - she always seems to get them to smile, and isn't stressed out by the occasional crying.

Grandma Kathy and Ella spend some quality time together. Ella was much happier after she finished drinking the bottle that Kathy fed her.

Brett still had a bad cough all week which lingered from the cold he had a few weeks ago. He had some rough times because of not feeling well and being extra tired from coughing. It sucks to be sick. I hope he feels better soon.

I went out a couple of times with the babies, which is always an adventure. Selena and I spent some time together walking around town and going grocery shopping. It's different being out and about with both babies and Selena, rather than both babies and Brett. Though we still get the occasional, "Are they twins?!" comment from strangers, people mostly just smile at us while catching a quick glimpse of the babies in passing, probably assuming that we are just two friends out together with our babies. It's kind of refreshing to not have so much attention while I'm out. Plus, it's always nice to spend time with Selena!

Shopping with Selena and sleeping babies.

I have been feeling slightly worried lately about nursing. Both girls started this new thing where they pop on and off the breast when they nurse. Sometimes this is accompanied by a little fussing, and sometimes it seems like they are just doing it for fun. It's been frustrating because I don't understand why it's happening. Is there not enough milk? Too much milk? I decided to go seek some advice from a lactation consultant, to put my mind at ease. On Tuesdays at Cradle, they have a free drop-in time and you can go and ask questions, so I did that this week. Lex Beach, who also happens to be a mother of twin girls was the lactation consultant who I spoke with and she was so helpful! She said that her girls nursed until they were three years old and went through the exact same thing with nursing when they were four months old. She said it's mostly because they are getting more distracted, and as long as they are gaining weight, there is nothing to worry about. I felt so much better after speaking with her. I am continually thankful to live in an area with so many useful resources like this.

The girls have started doing the most adorable thing: when we nurse, they hold hands. It's so sweet to watch.

Every time we turn around and look back again, Ella and Maya seem bigger. Here, they show off their "blank stare" skills.

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