Monday, April 16, 2012

Baybay & Baybee: Week 34

34 weeks old!

Maya is on the move! It's been amazing to watch over the past few weeks as Maya has progressed from scooting backwards, to rocking on her hands and knees, to finally crawling forward! Along with her new found mobility, she has started to notice that there is more to the world than the things that lie directly at her eye level. We have witnessed, on more than one occasion, Maya, sitting quietly in the middle of the room, her gaze focused upwards, as she surveys her surroundings. Then she is off, to that shelf which is just out of reach, her arms stretched upwards as her swift fingers pull all the books and toys to the ground.

She is so excited to be able to get around!

In the crawling department, Ella is still pushing herself backwards the majority of the time and then flailing like a penguin because she is frustrated. She has progressed to pushing up onto her hands and toes, which is what Maya was doing shortly before she figured out the forward crawl, so we think Ella will get it soon!

A pause for a picture while playing in the exersaucer.

I rearranged the babies' room this week, moving some play-mat and toys around in there and pushing their futon against the far wall. This gives them more space to move around on their bed at night and us another place to play during the day.

Dada reads stories to the girls in their room before a nap.

Grandma Kathy demonstrates how to gently stroke Ella's hair, rather than grab a handfull and pull, a skill which Maya already knows.

Jim stopped by for a visit one afternoon and took a nap with the babies.

We had a couple of outings all together this week. Wednesday morning we went to the Springfield house to show the apartments to a couple of prospective tenants. The girls slept on the way there and on the way back, and happily hung out in the Ergo's while we walked around the house and talked to people. They were so good the whole time; we were very impressed.

Thursday, the girls had hip ultrasounds at the hospital to check and make sure that they don't have congenital hip dysplasia. The doctors wanted them to be checked (because of their breech positions at birth). Usually this is done in the first few weeks after babies are born, but we were told it was somehow overlooked at that time. At their most recent appointment, they first said that it was too late for the ultrasound to be effective and that x-rays would be necessary to tell for sure. We were very reluctant to have the girls x-rayed, and were very happy to be called a few days later and told they were scheduling an ultrasound after all. In the end, the ultrasound indicates that the girls are fine and most likely do NOT have the condition.

On Sunday, we went to Liz's weekly play group in the afternoon and had fun chatting with the other parents while the babies shared toys and crawled around together.

Both girls have been very clingy recently, especially when I am around, but also wanting to be held by Brett when I'm not around. It's been challenging for me to be alone with both of them because they try to climb up on me at the same time and it's really only manageable to hold one baby at a time. Maya is often especially adamant about being picked up and isn't as patient to wait her turn if I happen to be holding Ella when she wants my attention. On the other hand, there are times when both babies will happily play on the floor together, sharing toys back and forth, for long stretches on their own.

Ella has had some trouble this week getting to sleep at night. We've resorted to Brett wearing her in the Ergo (which calms her right down and puts her to sleep eventually) after trying for a while in her bed with no luck. She seems to get overtired at night and then very wound up. She has also been waking in the night and not wanting us to leave once we come in to settle her back down. I feel like this goes along with the clinginess that has been happening during the day. It's a little frustrating, but also sweet that they love us so much.

Because of the trouble sleeping, we have started lying with the girls when we put them down for naps, and sometimes to bed at night, until they settle down. While they used to be good about getting to sleep on their own after we put them down, unless they are very, very, sleepy, now that they (particularly Maya) can move around, nap time quickly turns into a rambunctious game of, "practice sitting up and rolling off the futon" or "exchange pacifiers and steal my sister's doggy", both of which are not very conducive to sleep. Lying with them works well, especially if we're both with them, and usually they fall asleep in less than 10 minutes, though a few times it has taken half an hour. Sometimes we fall asleep, too.

Look! A rainbow!

Ella has talent!

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