Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Baybay & Baybee: Week 32

32 weeks old!

We took advantage of the warm weather this week and spent a lot of time outdoors. Maya and Ella enjoyed playing in the grass and got their first taste of dirt, sticks and leaves. Maya quickly figured out that those things are not for eating, but Ella must have thought they were tasty.

It's so bright out here!

Maya is so close to being able to get around on her hands and knees! She just has to figure out how to make her arms and legs work together.

Watching Dada edge the walkway.

Ella toes!

A walk with Selena on a rare cool afternoon.

This Pileated Woodpecker lives in our neighborhood and we often see him/her when we take our evening walk.

Aunt Anne came for a visit on Friday. It was a rainy day, so we didn't get outside, but we had fun playing indoors and visiting. Both girls took long naps that were somewhat offset, so Maya and Ella each got a little special one on one time with their Great Aunt. We all enjoyed a yummy meal together and even got to play a game. We love it when you come to visit, Aunt Anne!

Maya and Ella snuggle with their Great Aunt Anne.

Sleep, much like every other week, had no real consistent pattern to it. Some nights were okay, and some not so great. Maya had one amazing night were she slept for 10 hours without a peep, from 6pm-4am. It was a total fluke and hasn't happend since.

Guess who has two teeth now!

"May we see them, please?"


Food was a big part of this week. We've started offering food three times a day, and the girls love to eat! Cooked broccoli has become a quick favorite for the girls. Maya has been working on her pincer grasp, while Ella prefers the fist grab, but both babies seem to know that broccoli goes in the mouth and are equally good at getting it there!

Lots of broccoli!

"Hey, you got the best piece."

"Omm Nom Nom!"

The broccoli is always greener in the other twin's hands.

On Saturday, we went to the quarterly All For Kids Sale and came away with two booster seats (our main purpose for going) and a really cool wooden toy truck that the girls probably won't appreciate for a while, but I will have fun playing with in the meantime. There were tons of clothes at the sale, and I quickly glanced at the adorable summer dresses, but it was too crowded and overwhelming to make decisions, so we didn't get any.

"We like our new seats!"

I am so grateful to be raising our daughters with such an incredible partner. Brett is so good with Maya and Ella. He's such a caring, loving, patient and gentle father. He does so much for our family and I couldn't do this without him. These last couple of pictures from the week are of Brett and the girls.

Heading into the store for a grocery shopping trip.

Ella helps make hummus.

My lovely family, playing on the floor together.

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  1. have i told you lately how much i enjoy the captions you write? they are almost as fun to read as the pictures are to view. thanks again for keeping us updated on everyone! love, mama