Saturday, May 5, 2012

Baybay & Baybee: Week 37

37 weeks old!

We put up swings! I had the idea to put swings in our yard for a while, but I couldn't figure out where they could hang. I was so excited when I realized that we could hang them from the carport!

Brett works on hanging the second swing, while Ella watches and waits for her turn.

Family photo.

Can you tell that we have kids?

Playing in the box the swings came in. Ella says, "No nap for me thanks, you go ahead and I'll just hang out in here."

We had a little photo shoot in Child's Park on a particularly lovely day this week. Spring is so beautiful with all the flowers blooming. I love being able to show Maya and Ella the world for the first time.


Two girls in spring dresses.


Telling jokes.

"I love you, Dada"

Serious about picking up little sticks in the grass.

"I see you behind that camera!"

Over the weekend, we had a visit from Ann and her boyfriend, Mike. Ann loved getting the chance to see the girls in person for the first time, and although their visit was short, it was fun for everyone.

Ann makes faces at the girls as she snaps a photo.

Thanks to Ann for this nice family portrait.

Another fun thing we did this weekend was participate in the Great Cloth Diaper Change just up the road from our house at the Florence Community Center. This was the local instance of a worldwide event trying to break the world record for number of cloth diapers changed at the same time. There were twenty-five in Florence, and it was fun to be two out of twenty-five, but I was a little sad we didn't win any of the door or raffle prizes. Oh well--maybe next year!

Ready to change babies!

Changed! Yay!

Lilacs are in full bloom! We've always loved lilacs, but now they're also in the family, so to speak.

Sometimes I just watch from a distance while the girls play together...

...but in this case, Ella, I apologize for taking a picture instead of saving you from Maya's determination to get to a toy that you happened to be in the way of.

We had a nice visit from Kathy on Monday. She brought us some fencing that we plan to use for our cucumbers, a chive plant (which she also planted!) and of course, played with Maya and Ella. Jim stopped by later that afternoon and he and Brett took the babies for a walk together. That evening, Guy came over for a visit and I got to work in the garden after the babies went to bed. While I was planting carrots, I found a tiny peach tree that had sprouted and was growing in the dirt! Yay for compost!

Trying out the adorable (reversible) dresses that Grandma Kathy made.


A classic example of how a non-toy becomes a favorite toy.

"Ha! I got the spoon!"

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  1. Hey! That's me! :) We had so much fun and I did indeed LOVE spending time with you guys. I will be around a few times over the summer. I don't know what your schedule looks like, but it would be awesome to spend a whole day with you some time while Mike's at work and I'm out visiting him. I miss and love all of you. :) xoxo -Ann