Monday, May 28, 2012

Baybay & Baybee: Week 39

As you know if you follow the blog, we try to take a photo every week of the girls in their diapers laying next to each other. Well, as they have gotten more mobile, accomplishing this has become more and more of a challenge. It might be just about time to give it up...

...suffice to say, there is no picture this week.

I have been meaning to mention this for a while, but keep forgetting -- Maya and Ella have started (sometimes) crawling to the potty when they need to use it! We first noticed that they were doing this on the 17th of April, and it's been happening on and off ever since. This is really exciting to us! EC is one of the most rewarding things we've experienced as parents so far.

On Monday, we went to the first EC group meeting in town! There were only three other parents, (including our friend Hannah!) but it's just getting started so I'm sure it will be better attended once more people find out about it. We really enjoyed talking with everyone and are looking forward to next month's meeting!

Kathy came with us to HooteNanny this week! We all had fun singing and playing together, then Kathy stayed with the girls while Brett and I went out to an appointment later that afternoon. She took them for a stroller walk and they had a good nap.

Not the greatest picture, but it shows some of us playing at Hoot.

Maya is getting so sturdy and strong on her feet. She is noticeably more stable this week than last and she's really starting to move around when she's holding onto furniture while standing up.

Up, up, up!

The girls are getting good at turning the pages of books! Ella is a little better at it, and more interested, than Maya is, but both know how to do it. Another fun thing is that we recently realized that they recognize their names! A few of the games we are playing these days are, "Pat pat pat!" where they (mostly Maya) pats my belly. Both think it's funny when I put a toy on their head. They just sit there trying to look up at it until they lean back far enough for it to fall off. Then they want me to put it back. I think that Ella is saying the word "up" when she wants to be picked up or when she wants to be up. She may just be practicing that sound, but she does seem to say it at the right times. Ella's crawl is a little different, but she is getting faster every day and can almost keep up with Maya. This was the first week that the girls really started to explore the house. I think that Maya was just waiting for her sister to be able to crawl around with her.

Ella's cute crawl.

On Sunday we went to the monthly twins group meeting. It was nice and warm out so everyone met at the Montesorri school playground. The meeting was very well attended, with at least eleven families, but most of the twins were around two years old. We tended to group together with the folks who have twins about the same age as Maya and Ella. Our friends Kelly and Chris and also Benita and Sam were there, as well as a couple we hadn't met before. The parents had fun sharing stories and the twins had fun sharing toys as we all sat together.

Our little group.

The dads and babies on swings.

I had a little cold for a few days -- I think I caught whatever Maya and Ella had (which only seemed to give them a runny nose) and I was sick with a fever for a day, followed by a couple days of a runny nose and sore throat. By the end of the week I was feeling better.

Wearing jeans and holding a juggling ball.

"Okay, enough pictures already! Just read me the book!"

Luckily, this was a better week for night-time sleep, especially for Maya. She probably got the most sleep of all of us, often waking up only once to nurse. One night she woke up around 2:30, cried for a few seconds, then happily crawled out of her bed and pulled up herself up to standing by holding onto our bed! I picked her up, nursed her, and she went back to sleep. The time in the morning when the girls wake up and stay up has become consistently earlier than we'd like, with them wanting to be up for the day around 5:00 a.m. We're not sure how to help them sleep later in the mornings. Sometimes if we put them in the Ergos they will fall back asleep for a little while longer, but that requires us getting up, so it's not really that useful.

Brett and Ella take a nap.

Selena came over on Saturday and after going to a plant swap with me, she took the girls for a walk. I got a lot of garden work done and Brett and I worked on baby-proofing and cleaning up the house. We are also making progress on the somewhat daunting task of taking up pavement out back! We want to make a nice little grassy spot for picnics outside. A fun thing that I did for myself this week: I got my hair cut! It's now shoulder length, which feels a lot nicer, but actually didn't accomplish the main purpose, which was to make it less "pullable". Oh well.

Evan helps move some of the heavy pieces of asphalt.

Progress so far!

Jumping fun with Selena.

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  1. I laughed so much watching you try to get the girls to lay down for the weekly picture. Too funny! They sure are on the move!