Saturday, June 9, 2012

Baybay & Baybee: Week 40

40 weeks old!

As you may be able to tell in the above picture, we spent some time rearranging our living room this week. We moved the couch that had been sitting mostly unused in the guest room, back into the living room (which was not as easy as it sounds -- it got stuck in the doorway and we had to removed trim pieces to get it out), and moved the desk and computer into the guest room. Now Brett has a more separate office space, and we all have a better place to sit and play in the living room!

A better view of our new room. The table is still over to the right and the shelf of baby toys is next to the couch, just out of the picture. We are very happy with our new set up!

On the 16th of May, Brett and I celebrated three years of marriage. Many things in our lives have changed since we got married, but I still feel lucky to be married to such a wonderful partner and my best friend. I am so glad that I get to spend each day with you, Brett!

One of the things we did on our anniversary was to go out to eat at Paul & Elizabeth's. It was the first time eating at a restaurant with babies who wanted to share our food! They enjoyed eating pieces of what we ordered, and dropping a lot of it on the floor. Kathy and Jim also joined us for lunch! They didn't drop any food on the floor.

Maya in her highchair.

The girls with Grandma Kathy and their friend, Jim.

Our house has been filled with such happy babbling recently. Most days, our living room sounds like a chorus of "Ba, ba, ba, babb!" I love hearing Maya and Ella practice sounds and experiment with language.

Eating their toys.

Happy Maya!

"Ah! ba ba ba!"

Ella adores being pushed around in the laundry basket. We pretend it's a boat, or a car, and I make lots of "rhmm, rhmm", and "beep, beep", noises.

Maya prefers to practice standing on the laundry basket. Sometimes, she helps me push Ella around.

The babies' nine month check-up happened this week, so we walked up to town to the doctor's office. There were no shots for the girls this time! They just got their ears checked, weight and height taken, and were given two new books to bring home! Maya weighed 17.6 pounds, and Ella weighed 16.7 pounds.

Ella uses the potty before getting weighed at the doctor's office.

This week was rough at times, mostly because Brett and I were tired and we didn't prioritize time for ourselves as well as we could have. At one point during the week, we talked about how often it feels like all we're doing with our lives is taking care of Maya and Ella. At least we're really good at it! We are going to try to make sure that next week we each get a bit more time for ourselves.

There were a lot of good moments with friends this week, and we were excited to give the girls their first tase of peanut butter! They enjoyed it and haven't had any negative reaction to it. Yay!

On Saturday, I met up with Benita and Kelly (the two other moms of twins) for ice cream and just to chat for a while. Brett and Chris took the girls for a walk and played outside while we talked. This is a picture of Olivia, Evelyn and Ella playing together. Maya wasn't very happy at this moment, so she was hugging Brett.

Selena and Maya. We all look forward to Selena's visits. We love her.

Tickle, tickle, tickle!

Uncle Guy and Maya. Guy came over and cooked us dinner a couple times this week!

Reading stories together.

"You head for the games, I'll go for the shoes, they won't be able to catch us both!"

"Look at all these games!! Which one should we play?"

Serious Ella.

Reading stories on the potty.

For Mother's day, I got the best gift: A good night's sleep! Ella slept ALL night, and Maya woke only twice, both times going back to sleep quickly with a little help. Thanks girls!

I've been feeling like our babies are turning into such big kids so quickly, but when I look at this picture of Ella napping, I am reminded that she's still my little baby.

And last, but certainly not least, we ordered bike helmets for the twins and they arrived this week! They had fun trying on and playing with their new helmets for a few minutes, but boy was the packing material exciting!

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