Thursday, December 27, 2012

Baybay & Baybee: Week 66 (11/7-11/13)

66 weeks old!

Maya learned how to shake her head "no" this week. She was so excited to be able to express herself in this new way that she overused it a bit. Pretty much every question we asked her resulted in vigorous head-shaking--whether or not it was something she really wanted to say "no" to. This made for a pretty humorous week and a lot of quick 'changes of mind' for Maya. "Do you want some water, Maya?"  Result: shakes her head, and then proceeds to grab for the water.

As always, there was a lot of playing with toys this week. The boat is still a favorite, as are the stacking boxes.

Two smiles and one blank stare. Pretty good percentage, I think.

Bath time shenanigans -- dumping water and drinking from the potty.

Maya and Ella are becoming more skilled at climbing on and off things every day. It's incredible how quickly they get better with practice. This trampoline has been great for them to play on and useful for working on climbing without much height to fall from. 

It really hasn't been very cold, so we've enjoyed our time outside lately. We went for a few walks (some with the stroller and some without), explored in the yard, and one day Maya helped Dada plant garlic for next year!

Holding hands.

Hats and boots for everyone!

My lovely family.

Off for a quick walk before dinner.

The rows are dug -- ready to plant garlic!

Maya took her job very seriously.

So helpful!

Another day, both girls helped me clean up more of the front yard.

Stroller ride with snacks.

Maya and Dada.

We had a bunch of carpentry work done on the outside of the house over the weekend. The roof above the back stairway was rotting in places, along with a few other wood spots around the house. Everything got repaired and next week we will be hiring someone to finish the scraping/painting on the trim work outside the house! This is a project that is long overdue and we are very excited to finally be making progress. Sometimes the hardest part is deciding who will do the work and when. It's such a relief to have that part completed. I can't wait until it's all finished!

Ella cuteness.

Maya cuteness + lots of teeth!

This bus has been a popular toy this week. Both girls are good at putting the people in and popping them back out.



Who climbed up onto the chair all by herself?! Maya!


  1. Jenny, I am continually thankful that you have done such a fun and complete job of documenting and blogging our family for such a long time! I love you very much.

  2. such fun to read and see the photos each week - love the videos, love you all. papa