Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Baybay & Baybee: Week 69 (11/28-12/4)

69 weeks old!

On December 1st we had some snow! It was just a little bit, but we were excited. It melted away quickly, so we didn't get a chance to go out to play in it. Next time we'll try to make that happen. I'm sure we will get more snow soon.

The early morning Snowfall Observation Team.

Ella's big thing this week is climbing. She has started climbing everything. Chairs, couches, beds, stools... and just like when her sister learned to climb, it is all she wants to do! Here are some cute shots of Ella (so proud of herself!) standing on a stool she recently learned how to get on and off of by herself.

Look at me!

I did it. By myself. 

Yup. And with only one slipper on!

I may just stay up here forever!

High five! Maya's turn soon...

You can put a shirt on me, but you can't make me get down!

We always have a yummy lunch when Aunt Anne visits. This time she brought a homemade apple cranberry pie for desert. Mmmm!

Aunt Anne, getting her hair done.

Jim stopped by for a visit on Wednesday. The girls had a blast knocking down the block towers that he built.

Work of art, about to be destroyed.

Block + apple = happy Ella.

So much happiness!

Maya and her apple.

The experienced climber hones some new skills.

We visited Brett's parents this weekend. We went up to their house for a few hours, over lunch, and came home before it was too late in the afternoon. Both girls napped on the drive home, which worked out fairly well. I think it will be easier to do more visits and activities out in the world once Maya and Ella start taking only one nap. Right now, there is a lot of pressure for us to be home for both naps, so that the girls have the best chance to get good rest (and for us to get a good break!). It will be nice to feel like we can go visit people for longer, without it messing with our routines.

Looking longingly out the window at the snow-covered play area.

Phone call? I'll get it!

A very popular place to climb.



Helping with the watering.

The learning tower that Guy built for us has been so useful! These aren't the greatest pictures, because they don't show the whole thing, but they give an idea. I'll get some better ones for the next week. Both girls are learning how climb up into it themselves. Maya is better at it, but Ella will get there.

Eating a snack of frozen raspberries, while I make muffins for a very early breakfast.

So happy to be up before the sun!

The dinner prep team. Maya is standing on a chair here.

Silly #1.

Silly #2.

I think Maya wearing her overalls is just about the cutest thing ever.


We are in a I-must-have-a-whole-banana-all-to-myself-thank-you-very-much phase right now.

Dada, Maya, Ella, and papaya.

What? I've got my fork and spoon--I'm set.

I made these placemats for Maya and Ella. We experimented with all eating at the table together, instead of the girls using their trays. It worked out okay, but after a couple of days, we went back to their seats with trays. This was partly because Maya found the trays and demanded to use them again, and partly because it actually is a lot less stressful to do meals that way. Maybe they aren't quite old enough yet. It was a nice thought anyway, and now the placemats are stored away and ready to use for a later date.

Hmm... where is Ella? Where is Maya?

I can't see them anywhere...

Oh! There they are!

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