Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Baybay & Baybee: Week 20

20 weeks old!

The twins celebrated their first Christmas this week! We spent the day in Leyden and the girls had fun spending time with their Grandma Kathy and Grandpa Craig. We had a very nice relaxing day with good food, a few presents and some games. The babies took a couple naps and had fun chewing on their new toys. Here are a few pictures taken on Christmas:

Two new stockings this year.

Ella peeks into her stocking.

All cozy upstairs for a nap.

A game of Light Speed.

Brett got some new games!

This picture wasn't taken on Christmas, but was my attempt to get a cute shot of the twins all dressed up with the tree in the background.

All four of us. Photo taken by Toby.

Toby was here visiting all week. He was a great help around the house and lots of fun to have around. We all got to play some games and Toby got to know Maya and Ella better- he even helped change a diaper!

Toby will be here all of next week, too!

A new thing that the twins have started doing is reaching for faces. Ella did it first and a couple days later Maya grabbed my nose. Ella is a little bit gentler than Maya, reaching with slow deliberate movements as she softly explores our cheeks, nose and mouth. Maya tends to reach and grab with purpose. I find this new exploration very endearing.

Maya and Dada play a funny game of "boo!".

Nose kisses!

Both babies had stuffed up noses most of the week and seemed to have dificulty breathing well at night. We propped up their heads with pillows and that seemed to help. Other than the stuffy/runny nose, they don't have any signs of a cold. We wonder if it is related to teething? They are both really into chewing on anything they can fit in their mouths.

Maya, happy after a nap.

So cute!

My babies look so big!

Ella's turn on the potty! Maya had her photo in last weeks update and Ella told me she was jealous.

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