Monday, January 16, 2012

Baybay & Baybee: Week 22

22 weeks old!

The twins celebrated their five-month birthday this week! Selena and I took them for a walk up to Cup and Top. They both fell asleep on the way home. I have a hard time believing that they are five months old now -- that's almost half a year! Happy birthday, babies.

Sleeping so symmetrically.

A lot of this week was tough, mostly because we were so tired. We haven't gotten enough sleep in too long and it's starting to become very apparent that we need to do something different. Brett and I need to figure out some way to feel more rested. The girls seem totally fine. They take great naps in the day, and at night they get a decent amount of sleep, they just don't seem to be doing it in long chunks. I am pretty sure we haven't gotten more than a 4 hour stretch without a wake-up in a long time. They almost always go right back to sleep after a feeding, diaper change, or pacifier back, but that means that one, or both of us, still has to get up. I, more than Brett, have a difficult time falling back asleep after a wake-up in the night. It's just so hard to feel so tired all the time.

Wearing clothes other than footed onzies for a change!

"What are YOU looking at?"


Brett's mom's birthday was on the 7th, so the twins made Grandma Kathy a birthday note and I took some pictures. It was a fun photo shoot, but difficult to get a picture where both girls were looking at the camera because all they wanted to do was eat the note. Here are a couple of the best shots:

Based on the fact that we haven't gotten enough sleep in a long time, we decided that until we start to feel more rested, we are going to focus on two things each day:
1. Keep the house somewhat clean (meaning wash the dishes, pick up and maybe sweep the floors).
2. Keep ourselves somewhat clean (meaning, try to take a shower each day).

If we can stick to that, we figure it's enough. We have high standards and because of that, I think we often try to do way too many things in a day, and as a result end up feeling very overwhelmed, cranky, and like we're not accomplishing anything. Hopefully this will help us feel more relaxed and I bet we will realize that we actually get a lot more done every day than just cleaning up.

Both girls with their Dada.

Sleeping babies are so sweet to hug.

A sweet picture of Maya and Sophie the giraffe.

Ella in the exersaucer. Both girls are still a little small for it, but they seem to love being in there anyway.

Maya hangs out with Uncle Guy.

And last, but not least, here is a fun little video.


  1. Now I see how you hypnotize your babies - the back and forth rolling toy! So funny to see them following it.

  2. These photos and the video are so cute! I made David come up to see them, and he said it was well worth it!

    You two are doing such a great job as parents. I hope you can soon sleep through the night... I so well remember those days... and we just had one at a time.

    I would love to meet your little ones sometime.


  3. I hope my tongue-in-cheek book has at least eased some of the frustration that no doubt accompanies the inevitable exhaustion. Jenny, the next time I find myself awake between the hours of 7am and noon I'll try to give you a call to catch up. They are both so beautiful. I'm so glad you guys have this blog. I love reading about all your adventures. :)
    Love, Ann