Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Baybay & Baybee: Week 21

21 weeks old!

Leading up to the new year, we had a week full of visitors and visits. On Wednesday, Dave and Katie stopped by while they were in the area for the holidays. It was a windy, chilly day, but we all went for a nice walk anyway. Dave had fun pushing the stroller (and sometimes pulling it backwards to avoid wind in the faces of the little ones).

We are so glad that if finally worked out for Dave and Katie to come visit and meet the twins!

On Thursday, we had a great get-together with the other twin parents and their babies! All 12 of us met for lunch at the Cup and Top cafe in Florence. Amazingly, all of the babies were happy most of the time. They took turns napping and looking around while we talked about them. Before we left, we played a game of "pass the babies around" because all of the parents wanted a chance to hold all the different babies! It was interesting to hold babies just about the same age who weigh more or less than our girls, and to see both the similarities and differences. We are so grateful to have these other amazing parents to share all of this with!

From the left and continuing back around the table we have: Chris with Olivia, Jenny with Maya, Brett with Ella, Benita with Jonah, Sam with Avery, and Kelly with Evelyn.

On Friday, Steech, Bridget, and Asher came up for a short visit! We hadn't seen them since Maya and Ella were a few weeks old, and it was fun to catch up. Asher was fun to watch run around the house, rolling balls around and just exploring. Bridget was kind enough to bring some woven wraps that can be used to carry a baby on your back, and she even let me borrow one!

Steech holds Ella.

Asher and Bridget demonstrate the back carry.

Maya and I try it out!

On New Year's Eve day, our friends Denise and Aaron were in the area for a concert and we met up with them and Selena in town for lunch. We gabbed and walked around for a while before we got tired and went food shopping before going home to put the babies (and ourselves) down for a nap.

Happy New Year!

Maya found a new friend - she adored Denise!

When we got up from our naps, Kathy and Guy came over to kindly cook us dinner! They made some yummy steak and a delicious salad, plus mashed potatoes (the kind with garlic cloves right in with the potatoes). YUM. It was nice to share the last meal of the year with family.

We all went to bed early that evening, and the babies slept well for the first half of the night into the new year!

On Sunday, we drove up to Greenfield for Spartan and Hannah's annual New Year's Day brunch and Yankee Swap. Their amazing house isn't quite done yet, but it was still great to see the progress and imagine the finishing touches.

The twins take a nap in their car seats in the utility room.

A snapshot of the party, looking down into the living room from the stairs.

Toby squished into the middle seat, between the babies, for the ride back home after the brunch. It was such a relaxing ride home for us, with Toby back there to help the babies fall asleep!

Monday morning, Aunt Anne came for a visit. She brought a yummy lunch for all of us and we got to play a game of Qwirkle together. It was nice that she got to see Toby, and, as always, spend time with the babies. Even though she had been here to visit less than a month before, she said it was incredible how much Ella and Maya had changed and grown.

Aunt Anne with Ella (and Sophie the giraffe).

Aunt Anne and me with Maya (and the yummy natural rubber apple, which has been a favorite since its arrival as a gift on Christmas).

Hugs with Selena. (Sophie makes yet another appearance! Can you count how many times she's in the pictures this week?)

Ella and Maya listen to a story that they got for Christmas from their Grandma Kathy. She made them each a little book: The Maya-phabet Book and the Ella-phabet Book. Both have adorably cute pictures of things that illustrate each letter of their first and middle names!
(Hey, look, there's Sophie again!)

Toby left to go back home to Florida on Tuesday. It was so nice to have him here and we miss him already. I enjoyed watching him spend time with the babies and grow more comfortable with them over the two weeks that he was here. In the picture above, (taken on the last day he was here) Toby burps Maya. This was a big step for Toby, who had heretofore staunchly tried to avoid situations that might result in contact with baby bodily fluids.


  1. another terrific write-up! yay kathy for creating two special books for the girls! i look forward to seeing them when we visit this spring. you had so much company at the end of december! i didn't realize how busy you've been. i recognize the floor in hannah and spartan's home - it's the reclaimed marble spartan toted home and had piled in the yard, isn't it? looks like he created a beautiful mosaic out of the pieces. thanks again for all the great pictures and updates. love, mama

  2. We're so glad that it finally worked out too!! It was super-wonderful to see you two and met the girls! :)