Wednesday, June 8, 2011

One year ago...

Today marks the first anniversary of the first day of our cross country bike trip! We pedaled away from Northampton in the morning and made it to New York State that evening. It was the start of a three month adventure that we will never forget.

Here we are one year ago, pedaling out of town on the bike path. You can see Spartan just ahead of us. Guy and Selena were following close behind. It was such a sweet start to our adventure to have friends bike with us for a few miles. This is one of the first pictures of us (take by Selena) on our trip.

It's incredible to realize that in a few short months we will be parents. Last year at this time, our whole lives were devoted to the bike trip and everything else seemed so far away. We are looking forward to this new adventure! So far, we have celebrated today by eating a breakfast of pancakes with freshly picked strawberries on top, and by taking a nap.

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  1. mmmm napping and strawberries (whatever they may be on) sounds like a delicious way to celebrate!