Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Week 31

This week just flew by and I missed my usual day to update the blog on Friday. All of a sudden it's Tuesday evening and I am five days into my 32nd week! I have lots of pictures to include this time, since there were so many great moments with friends and family.

Wednesday evening we went to our first group meeting at the Midwifery Center. It was a really fun way to do a prenatal appointment. There were about nine other couples in the group, all with due dates around the same time as us, and two of them are also expecting twins! It was so nice to not be the only ones in a group expecting twins; the questions we had were applicable to other people instead of just to us. We also got to take our own blood pressure and weight, plus listen to the babies' heart beats (134 & 152) . My belly is measuring at 36 centimeters/weeks.

On Thursday, Daisy came to visit! Here she is snuggling up to the babies.

That evening, Brett and I picked all of our garlic scapes and made them into pesto! So delicious!

On Friday, Mama arrived! She got to try out the tandem with Brett, shortly after eating some rhubarb pie. (She loved both.)

Daisy got a turn on the bike, too.

I'm 31 weeks pregnant and we can still ride the tandem together. I love our bike and I love Brett.

Papa packed us a bunch of figs in Mama's suitcase. Mmm! Thanks Papa!

Friday evening, Selena and Hannah put together a small baby shower for us. There was lots of yummy food and a friend of Selena's did some henna designs for us! I got a pretty flower design on my belly. Thanks to everyone who came for a great evening and making us feel so loved.

We had a great day with Mama on Saturday. In the evening we took a walk over the Bridge of Flowers in Shelburne Falls.

31 weeks!

After our walk, we met up with Brett's family at the little chapel in Colrain (the same place that we had the Bill Staines concert the day before our wedding!) for the town's annual strawberry supper. After eating, we walked over to Brett's parent's house and spent a while looking at the gardens and visiting.

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