Thursday, August 25, 2011

Baybay & Baybee: Week 2

Two weeks old!

Looking back on this week, it seems like it was a lot more challenging than the first. Night times have been rough. The girls are up every few hours and they need to be changed and fed and changed again. This process can take up to an hour and a half. Often they are both on the same schedule, which helps with sleep, but has its own challenges. I find it easiest and most relaxing at night to nurse while laying on my side, and that really only works with one baby at a time. Also, when one gets up while the other is asleep, only one of us actually needs to get up with them, allowing the other to get more rest. We're still figuring it all out. Sometimes I need to remind myself that this is only week two and it's okay that we don't have any real grove or patterns yet. They will come with time.

I think we have both coped amazingly well with the little chunksof sleep that we've gotten. It's hard not to get snippy when we are both overtired, and we've definitally had our moments this week, but that's all they have been. In the big picture, I know that this is only a very short moment in time.

As of the 22nd, Maya was back up to her birth weight! This made the pediatricians very happy and was relieving to us, though we weren't actually worried. I know that they are eating and gaining weight. They eat all the freakin' time! Ella had her last weight check appointment this morning and she surpassed her birth weight by a whole ounce! Yay for growing big and strong!

We do this a lot.

I had my two week postpartum visit at the midwifery center yesterday. They checked my incision and said that it looked amazing and that I was healing incredibly well. I feel almost back to my normal self physically, except for being tired. We have taken a walk around the block most days this week, and every time I feel like I could go a little further. I still have a little cough that developed while I was in the hospital, and that is annoying. Also, my wisdom tooth has been hurting this week. I don't know what's up with that, but I hope it goes away soon.

We gave the babies their first bath this week. I got in the tub first and then one at a time we introduced them to the warm water and gently washed them off. They both seemed to like it. They were pefectly content to just hang out in the tub with me. I bet they are going to love the water when they get a little bit bigger.

Toby left a few days ago and now Timmy is here visiting for a couple days. We have also had some nice visits with friends and Brett's mom. It's been nice to see so many people, but we are looking forward to a quieter next couple of weeks.

Toby was here for almost a week visiting.

Watermelons and cute baby clothes from Guy.

Maya snuggling with her Uncle Guy.

Maya sleeping on her Auntie Selena.

Jim got to hold Ella for a while as she slept peacefully.

Uncle Timmy takes a turn comforting Maya.

Grandma Kathy did some double duty on Tuesday while Brett was working.

Once in a while they are both in a state fit for pictures together. Aw!

They do sleep a lot. Sometimes it seems like it's mostly during the day, though.

Another cozy nap on the bed.

My family resting together.

We picked a whole bunch of heads of broccoli from our garden this week. The twins and I had a mini photo shoot before the broccoli turned into soup.

Ella and some broccoli.

Maya isn't sure what to make of it.

Trying out the new Moby wrap. Ella seemed to like it a lot. Maya, not so much.

Ella looks cute in her clothes (and her Mohawk).


  1. Ella looks so excited about the broccoli! That photo cracked me up. :) Aww....SO cute. I really must visit soon...

  2. Ella's mohawk is pretty cute! :)

  3. What a beautiful update! You're amazing to find the time to keep us all included.
    What lucky children... who needs toys when you have broccoli?
    Love and hugs,