Saturday, August 6, 2011

Week 38

38 Weeks!!!

This will probably be my last weekly post before the babies are born. Our scheduled c-section is just two days shy of the 39 week mark, this Wednesday. I will try to get on here and post one more time before Wednesday morning. And of course, we will update with pictures after the babies are here!

Making it to 38 weeks feels good! I'm so proud of these babies for doing such a great job growing and staying put for so long.

We did some fun things in my last full week of being pregnant, including two rides on the tandem! On Saturday we biked to the farmer's market and then to some tag sales on the way home. On Wednesday, we rode to our last ultrasound appointment! We also picked a few blueberries together in Whately, and we sorted through a bunch of baby clothes (and diapers and bibs and blankets and sleep sacks). I think we have enough of almost everything now, at least to start.

We go a little slower these days, but we can still ride on the tandem together! (Photo by Selena)


  1. Hooray Hooray for 38 weeks! You 3 gals are amazing- Bret is too!!! Congratulations to all four of you! I LOVE the tandem bicycle photo! Wow!!! Thinking of you and sending you love!

    Amanda and Shirley

  2. that picture selena took of you on the tandem is AMAZING! it should be sent to that bicycling magazine you subscribe to or some other publication so more people can see it.

    papa and i are exciting about coming up monday. we're getting things together and packing up today.

    see you soon!

  3. Hooray!! Much love to you both. We'll be thinking about you a lot this week! :-)