Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Baybay & Baybee: Week 25

25 weeks old!

The big milestone for Maya and Ella this week was learning how to stay sitting up on their own! They are both able to stay upright for a few minutes now, without toppling over. Maya is a little bit more steady than her sister, but Ella is not far behind. We still have to be right there to watch when they are sitting, to catch them when they fall, but it's fun to see them perfecting this new skill. By the end of the week, they were getting so good that there were a few occasions when one or the other of us left the room for a minute, forgetting that a baby was sitting. There were a few spills, resulting in a small amount of crying, but fortunately no big bumps on any heads.

Sitting AND playing with toys. So many skills!

Though we haven't been consistent with feeding the girls solids, we are still experimenting every now and than with a new food. This week, carrots were a big hit. Turns out, whole carrots make good "teethers" and keep two babies occupied for quite a while!

A new tasty toy!

Maya really enjoyed trying to fit her whole carrot in her mouth.

We had a couple visits from friends and family this week. It's so nice for the girls (and for us!) to spend time with other people besides Mama and Dada. They really enjoy the opportunity to play with new people, and we enjoy watching them bond with others--plus it gives at least one of us a much-needed break!

Selena is so good with the girls.

Snuggles with Grandma Kathy.

"Hi, Uncle Guy! I would like to eat your finger, please."

Every so often, Brett and I get the urge to rearrange things in the house. It's always exciting to me when this happens, because the new setup feels so fresh and clean and exciting! The inspiration this time was in wanting a better place for the girls to play on the floor, where we could also sit comfortably with them. We moved all the games (almost 200!) into the middle room, and moved the play mat into the living room. The result: a much larger and sunnier place for us to play!

Here are the girls, "sunbathing" in our new living room.

And some additional photos from the week:

Playing in the laundry basket.



Playing with Mr. Floppy Ears, the bunny rabbit.

Maya and Ella still hold hands when we nurse. I still love nursing them. It aways feels like special time spent together.

Video of the week:

Maya discovers the power to control the world.

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