Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Baybay & Baybee: Week 26

26 weeks old!

After I posted the weekly update yesterday, I realized that I had been so excited in finally getting a post out that I forgot to mention the great night of sleep we had that week. You'll notice I said, "night" singular not plural, because though we tried to replicate it, no such luck.

On Sunday the 29th, we went to Leyden for the day. I didn't take any pictures while we were there, but Kathy got a bunch of nice shots of the girls. We took a great walk together and stayed for dinner. The girls didn't take a third nap that day, (not from lack of trying on our part) so they were up for a lot longer than usual (and later) before bed. We held them most of the evening, during dinner, and left Leyden at 8pm. They slept the 45 minute drive home. Once home, we changed, fed, and put the girls to bed. And there they slept -- with only one wake up each (to eat) the whole night! It was one of their best nights of sleep yet, and we were amazed. We wanted so much to understand what we had done that helped them have such a good night. Was it keeping them up later than usual? No third nap? The walk? The length of time between feedings? The 45 minute "nap" in the car before bed? Heck, we had no idea, really.

The next few evenings we tried to replicate that fabulous night. We rocked them in their car seats, we kept them up, we tried spacing out the feedings, we took walks, but they never had such a good night again. There were a couple "better nights" thrown in there, but nothing amazing. Sleep continues to be a mystery for now. That one great night was a treat, and it helps me hold on to the hope that one day soon we will get to sleep at night again.

Maya and Sophie the Giraffe in black and white (photo by Kathy).

Ella reaches for the camera (photo by Kathy).

This week, Maya and Ella continued to perfect their new sitting skills. They are getting better every day and it's fascinating to see how fast they learn! Reaching for a toy while sitting seems so easy for them now, but I remember how they used to topple over most times that was attempted last week.

Practicing sitting up and sharing toys.

Over the weekend, Guy had a Superbowl/game party at his apartment. Even though it was in the evening, we all went to help celebrate. We got to play a couple games, spend time with friends and eat the yummy pizza that Guy made. Selena and I dressed Maya and Ella up in cute outfits earlier that day and even though they were tired for most of the party, I think they had fun.

Ella plays a game of "Whoosh!" (Dada holds baby and repeatedly flies her toward another person while saying, "Whoosh!") with Uncle Guy.

This is a current favorite toy -- the coveted jar lid.

My favorite picture of Maya this week.

My favorite picture of Ella this week.

Now that the girls are sitting up, we found a new use for the boppy pillow!

Brett and Ella wash dishes.

Pretty in pink -- spending time with Grandma Kathy.

A walk around the block together with Grandma.

Here we are on a walk early in the morning, on our way to check out an estate sale in town. It's really nice to be able to get out and do things. Also, we really like the Ergo carrier, and are considering getting a second now that the girls can be on our backs.

Daisy came over for a visit before heading back to Brazil next week. We took a walk and played with the babies for a few hours. It was good to give her hugs and kisses before she left!

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