Friday, February 3, 2012

Baybay & Baybee: Week 24

24 weeks old!

While the twins were busy being 24 weeks old, I celebrated my 31st birthday! I had a really nice day. We spent some time walking around downtown, went to the farmer's market, ate lunch at Paul and Elizabeth's and enjoyed the snow.

It snowed for my birthday!

Selena came out to lunch with us and took this picture. Maya and Ella slept in Brett and Selena's arms for nearly the whole meal. It was very relaxing for me. After lunch, Brett and I got some ice cream from Herrell's, where the ice cream is free if it's your birthday!

On Sunday, Dan, Darleen and Lydia came over for a morning visit. We hadn't seen Lydia since she was a couple months old. Now, at a year and a half, she is a running-around-talking-laughing-big-kid! It's amazing how much changes in a year!

Ella with her new friends, Lydia and Dan.

Sunday afternoon, we took a drive up to Greenfield to have a birthday lunch with Spartan and Hannah at their house. Hannah's birthday is the same as mine, and Spartan's is the day after. We have fun celebrating together and I'm glad it worked out this year, despite all of our busy lives. This was likely our last lunch together before Spartan and Hannah become parents, as Hannah is due any day now with a baby boy! We shared a yummy meal of vegetable, wild mushroom, barley soup that Hannah made, and birthday cupcakes from Cafe Evolution.

The difficult part of this week was, once again, our sleep. Lately, our nights have gotten even worse, with many wake-ups from both girls, every few hours. Sometimes they need a diaper change, sometimes they want to eat, but most often, they want their pacifier back and can't get it on their own. On Thursday, we decided to try not using the pacifiers or swaddles at all, to see if they would be able to put themselves back to sleep using their hands to self-sooth. We've tried recently to have more naps without the swaddles and they have been able to (sometimes) get to sleep without them. The pacifiers on the other hand, they are very much reliant on, and really, this wouldn't be a problem if they were sleeping well! So, we started at 10:00 Tuesday morning and made it through that first day and night, then through the whole next day. But that evening around 10:00pm, we gave them their pacifiers back and swaddled them. Brett and I were totally out of energy. Everyone was incredibly cranky and tired. I don't think any of us had gotten more than a 30 minute stretch of sleep in a row, in two days.

This picture of the girls napping without swaddles was taken a couple of days before we decided to do the crazy two days of, "sleep training".

What we did was a combination of letting the babies cry for a short time, and going in to comfort them. At first we just put a hand on their chest, which seemed not to work very well. Later, we picked them up until they were calm, then put them back down. They would eventually get to sleep this way, the shortest time taking 20 minutes. The good things that came out of this were that both girls (especially Ella) found their fingers and were able to gain some comfort from that on their own. Though it was incredibly difficult to hear them cry so much, I think it was good for us in the big picture. Coming out on the other end of the two days, Brett and I were both more relaxed when either girl cried. Doing this also made us feel very thankful for any longish stretches of sleep that we do get! Also, since that night we stopped and went back to the pacifiers and swaddles, we have been only using the pacifiers for sleep, and the swaddles never fully came back, so that's progress!

What we didn't like about letting them cry, besides it just being painful for everyone, was that Maya and Ella seemed so vacant and unhappy during those two days. It's possible that they were just very, very, tired and we'd never seen them like that before. But, part of me worries if they were starting to lose trust in us, wondering why we weren't there for them when they needed/wanted us.

A sleeping Ella, and a very tired Jenny.

Here are some extra pictures that give more glimpses into our week:

Ella is multitasking: Nursing and trying to grab the camera at the same time.

Om nom nom!

Maya reads on the potty.

Standing on Dada's feet and chewing on his thumb.

"Hi, Mama!"

A snowy stroll.

All cozy during the walk.

Evan and Marry, who live upstairs, sweetly made us dinner one night this week. It was delicious. Maya and Ella really wanted some.

Maya balances.

Happy baby!

Playing on the floor with their toys.

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