Monday, September 24, 2012

Baybay & Baybee: Week 54 (8/15-8/21)

54 weeks old!

The girls had their one-year check up on Wednesday. They were due for vaccinations, but we decided to hold off on the shots for now because we'll be having company for a week or two.  Everything looked good for both girls and they both weigh over 20 lbs now! They did have to have blood work done, and that wasn't fun, but they handled it really well.

The results of their blood work came back the next day and it turns out that both girls might have very mild Spherocytosis.  This was a bit of a shock to us, as neither girl has been showing any signs of it. It might be so mild that they will never be affected by it, but Dr. Steele does want to monitor them, meaning more blood work at their next appointment and he recommended they start taking folic acid pills, just in case, to help in the production of red blood cells. 

When you only have one pair of boots, but two babies, they each get to wear one.

Aunt Anne came for a visit for her birthday on the 16th. We had planned to spend the day on the Cape with her, but the weather was supposed to be overcast so it worked out better for Aunt Anne to come see us. We had lunch together, complete with yogurt frosted watermelon birthday cake for Aunt Anne, and the weather even ended up being warm enough in the afternoon for a swim in the river!

Aunt Anne and the girls play with their new turtles (Slow & Steady), a birthday gift from Uncle Harold and Aunt Heidi.

On Saturday, Mama and Papa arrived! They are here to visit for a week and are staying in a little guest house in the center of Florence. We were so excited to see them that we biked up to town shortly after they arrived and spent a while visiting together before all heading back to our house. We just couldn't wait to see them!

Kisses for Grandma.

On Sunday, Mama and Papa watched the girls while Brett and I went together to Springfield for a few hours to do some work on one of the apartments. We got a lot done and it was nice to be together for a change while working on projects. We've spent so much time separate recently -- one of us staying with the girls and one of us off getting work done -- it was almost like a date! Plus, Maya and Ella had fun with their grandparents. They warmed up to them a lot quicker this time.

Our little climber.

Ella and me.

Picking raspberries was a highlight for Papa. The babies thoroughly appreciated his efforts and gobbled up as many berries as were put in front of them.

Papa tried out the tandem with Brett. They biked into town while the rest of us drove.

We met up for lunch out at Paul and Elizabeth's -- a favorite restaurant.

While Mama and Papa were here, for the first time since the twins were born, I wasn't home for bedtime! I left before they went to sleep, Brett stayed home with them, fed them dinner and put them to bed on his own. I had a nice time out at the farmer's market, picking raspberries, and then dinner with Selena and my parents. I am glad that I did it, and though I had a good time, I am not eager to do it again. I enjoy putting the girls to bed and really missed everyone!

Strawberries are a current favorite food.

Dada wears his helmet. Maya wears her new slippers.

Ella practices climbing onto her rocking horse.

Ice cubes and cups. This is a current favorite activity. Lots of fun until all the ice is melted, then even more fun playing with the water!

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