Friday, September 7, 2012

Baybay & Baybee: Week 53 (8/8-8/14)

53 weeks old!
(This was one of the first pictures taken on their birthday. We had strawberries for breakfast. You can tell if you look closely at Maya.)

I finally got a video of the twins dancing! It's just a little glimpse -- they have way more moves then are shown in this clip, but it will give you an idea. I love watching them dance, it's just adorable.

Maya and Ella show off their dancing skills.

This was a busy week! We went to a concert in Greenfield, had fun at the farmer's market, I picked peaches a couple times, and most importantly, the twins turned one! We celebrated their birthday with a quiet morning at home and a visit with their grandparents in Leyden in the afternoon. I made them a cake with maple frosting and Kathy made them a small sweet potato cake. They didn't like either very much. Maya picked off the fruit from the top of the frosted cake and ate that. Ella tried the frosting, but mostly put it in her hair. They ate a couple bites of the sweet potato cake. I think they were full from eating such a good dinner. An argument for dessert first in the future!

"Ew... why are my berries in all this sticky stuff!"

"Mmm, sweet! I wonder what it would feel like in my hair..."

The whole cake.

Kathy's beautiful sweet potato cake.

"A gift? For me?"

Wow... opens...

"Whatcha got there?"

There were some other fun presents for the girls, but nothing compared to this toy cell phone (that makes noises and beeps just like a real phone). The girls kept "sharing" it long after all the presents were opened.

Birthday lunch.

The girls had fun watching through the glass door while Grandma grilled chicken for dinner.

"Up, up!" and "Blarhh!"

I love this picture.

Happy Maya.

Pushing Ella around in the stroller in the house.

She pretty much fell asleep for a few minutes with her eyes open.

On Sunday evening, we all went to see Catie Curtis play a show at the Greenfield Energy Park. This was one of our first evening events with the babies. They usually go to bed by 7pm, so they were up a little later than usual, but we had a lot of fun! Kathy and Hannah and Max joined us and we had a little picnic on a blanket while we watched the music. It was a very family-friendly event and there were lots of other kids and babies around us. Maya and Ella danced and ran around when they weren't snacking on pickles and oatmeal cookies.

Our little spot to watch the show.


Max checks out Ella's hair.

Maya loves shoes. She spotted these sandals on the ground next to another family's blanket and decided that she had to try them on.

These girls (the sandals belonged to the one in the pink dress) thought it was pretty funny to watch such a small baby wear their shoes.

Maya's first taste of ice cream.

Brrrr, cold!

Ella snuggling with her Grandma.

"Grandma, you have to wear your shoes!"

It's hard to believe it's been a whole year already. Sometimes it feels like it's been a lot longer, and sometimes I think it was just yesterday that we came home with two tiny babies. However fast or slow the time goes by, I am always so grateful to have such happy, healthy, silly, cuddly, lovable babies in my life.

"I want to play this game."

Cooling off in the water outside.

Handing laundry to Dada to fold.

Happy Ella.


She always gets such big hugs from the girls.

Selena shows the twins how to make another of the squares pop up on this fun toy. They got it after a few tries. They're so smart!

The Tuesday afternoon Farmer's Market in Northampton is a great place to spend a few hours. There is usually music being preformed, lots of other babies playing, and so much yummy food. I have been trying to make it a habit to frequent the Market on Tuesdays with the girls because we all seem to enjoy it so much. We also usually get to hang out with Selena and sometimes Guy, which is a treat all on its own.

Maya dances to the music.

Two apples are better than one.

Sharing with Uncle Guy.

Ella checks out the two baby goats.

We got some popcorn. It was a huge hit.

Maya learned how to clap her hands this week. Ella learned how to open the toilet lid. She quickly showed her sister. Suddenly the bathroom doesn't seem so baby proof anymore. I will leave you this week with a few pictures of the girls in the bath. Enjoy!

Everyone knows hairbrushes are for chewing on.

I think I'll drop this.

Now it's on the floor.

This quickly turns into a hilarious game of, "Drop everything out of the tub and have Mama pick it up for us."

"I want that. Hmm, maybe she won't notice if I take the bottle..."

"Hah! Perfect!"

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