Sunday, July 8, 2012

Baybay & Baybee: Week 45 (6/13-6/19)

45 weeks old!

This was a whirlwind week, full of exhausting and fun-filled days. My parents came up from Florida to visit and we all went to the Clearwater Hudson River Revival festival over the weekend.

Before Mama and Papa arrived on Wednesday, Selena went with me to the last HooteNanny. We hope to do this again next time it is offered -- we all enjoyed it so much!

Eating lunch with Grandma and Grandpa!

We left for Clearwater on Friday afternoon. The drive took a long time because of traffic on the highway, which was especially heavy due to the holiday weekend. We caravanned with Guy who was also coming. Once we arrived, finding a place to set up camp was an ordeal, but we finally found a spot that we thought was good. We set up the tents while my parents went to dinner and brought us back food.

Maya, asleep on the way to the Clearwater Festival.

Ella, also asleep.

The girls LOVED the tents, and had a great time crawling around inside the huge tent we borrowed from Jim for the weekend. They just kept laughing and playing happily, and that was nice to see considering how tired Brett and I were already. We would be much more tired before the weekend was over.

The sleeping arrangements in the tent weren't ideal for us, and the girls both had trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. I was worried about waking other people in the camping area up, so I tried quiet the babies as quickly as possible when they woke and cried. This meant a lot of nursing and moving around to try to get comfortable for all of us. The girls ended up taking up most of the room in the middle of our sleeping area and the mats slid around and I ended up on the ground. It pretty much sucked (pun intended) all night long, and by morning I was exhausted. Both mornings (can you really call 5 a.m. morning?) Brett was kind enough to take Maya and Ella for a walk in the stroller while I tried to get another hour or two of rest.

The festival itself was fun! Brett and I enjoyed teaching people how to juggle, and though we really didn't get a chance to sit and watch any music, we could hear many artists and songs that we enjoyed from the juggling area. I think one of my favorite moments of the weekend was dancing a waltz with Brett while Jay Ungar and Molly Mason played in the dance tent. We each had a baby in an Ergo on our back and many pictures were taken of us on the dance floor (though the only one I have is in my mind). It felt magical to be dancing with the three people in my life who I treasure the most. It was also a special moment for Brett in celebration of his first Father's Day.

Napping in the stroller while Brett and I teach juggling.

Future ring juggler?

Maya, practicing her juggling skills.

Maybe rings are easier to start out with.

Ella sleeps in the Ergo while Brett passes clubs.

We had a hard time finding good food to eat from what was offered at the festival. I ended up buying some food from the venders on the second day, but even that wasn't great. Next year I think we'll bring a lot more of our own food. Maya enjoyed this nectarine for breakfast, though!

She pretty much devoured it.

Pacifier in mouth + pacifier in hand + ride in the backpack = sleep for Ella.

This is Aviva. She is 10 years old and came to the juggling area to learn to juggle, but ended up spending lots of time with Maya and Ella instead! She has a way with babies and Maya and Ella adored her. It was fascinating to watch my babies (who are in a very shy phase right now and wouldn't even let their grandparents or Guy hold them most of the weekend) happily hang out in Aviva's arms while I wasn't even right nearby. We wish she lived here so she could come babysit!

Back home, after the festival, one of the lilies in my garden had opened!

All tuckered out.


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