Monday, July 23, 2012

Baybay & Baybee: Week 48 (7/4-7/10)

48 weeks old!

By the end of this week, Maya and Ella were just one month shy of a year! How quickly the time has gone by. I think turning 11-months-old was a fun day for the girls -- they played in the yard, swung on swings, ate yummy foods like blueberries and corn and got lots of hugs from their adoring parents. Maya is getting better at walking every day and Ella is so excited to practice her standing-up-by-herself skills. Another recent accomplishment has been learning how to use spoons when they eat! They are not even close to perfecting it yet, but they sure have fun trying to get those spoon-fulls of food up to their mouths. It quite a task to clean up the floor (not to mention the babies) after every meal.

Maya and Ella turned 11-months-old on July 10th!

Kisses and hugs from Mama.

Dancing in the garden.

A pretty picture of Maya and me.

"Ooooo! I can get it! I can get it!"

The flowers and berries in the back yard were at their peak these few days. Each morning we would check on my lilies to see how many new blooms had opened.

Five blooms close to opening!

One of the first.

A few days later.


Butterfly on Echinacea.

The monthly multiples group meeting was held at the Montessori playground on Sunday and we stopped by for a short time before going grocery shopping. The slides were a huge hit with the girls!

Getting ready to slide!

Maya says, "I'll catch you, Ella!"

"You slid down!"

Static hair and beautiful smile.

So happy!

Ella LOVED sliding. She would have stayed much longer than we did. Maya slid down a few times too, but was more interested in finding things to examine on the ground.

It's good to have a sister.

I took so many pictures this week. Sometimes I feel like I must be putting too many photos on here, but it's just so hard to leave any out -- they all give such a great
glimpse into the week!

I picked blueberries and raspberries! Yum!

How did all the berries end up on the floor?

My camera.

Ella tries out the new potty seat that I got for the toilet.

We've all been enjoying fresh cucumbers for snacks. Especially Ella.

We are working on learning the animal noises. Maya and Ella love when we point to the cow, sheep, horse or pig and say the sound that they make.

"Mama, please, please, blow bubbles for us!"

Ella loves her books.

Maya is not as into books as Ella, but she enjoys this animal one.

More walking from Maya!

We do a lot of laundry.

Both Brett and Ella look a little sad and tired in this picture, but for some reason, I really like it.

I wish this one weren't blurry.

Enjoying a ride in our neighbor's hammock during a Fourth-of-July party in their backyard.

Cottage cheese: good to the last drop.


  1. I don't think you put in too many pictures ;)

  2. Me neither. I love the one of Ella on the slide where she's sticking out her tongue!

  3. i agree with evan and katie. impossible to have too many pictures!