Sunday, July 1, 2012

Baybay & Baybee: Week 43 (5/30-6/5)

43 weeks old!

Maya spent the first two days of this week feeling sick. She was running a low grade fever and coughing a lot, especially at night. On Thursday, Brett was in Springfield working on the rental house from 7:30 in the morning until 9:30 at night. I stayed home with two babies - one who wanted to be constantly held, and the other who wanted to play with her sister -- not the easiest day in the life of this Mama of twins.

Maya, snuggled up on the couch on Thursday.

The next day, Maya was still running a fever and Brett was in Springfield again until the afternoon. In the morning, I took both girls for a stroll up to NAP and we had a visit with the doctor. I am so thankful to live in an area were we have such a good health system. Maya was fine, (probably just a little cold) but Brett and I were relieved to have gotten her checked out at the doctor's. Though it hasn't even been that bad, this is by far the worst cold that the babies have had.

It was rainy all day Saturday, so we decided to take a family shopping trip, even though Maya was still a little sniffly. As you can see in this picture and the first one of this post, the girls loved the rides in the carts. I can't believe they're already big enough to ride in shopping carts!

By Sunday, Maya was feeling much better and Ella was sick. We spent some of the day in Leyden, after stopping at some tag sales in town. When we got home that evening, Ella was clearly uncomfortable, so we decided before bed to give her some acetaminophen in liquid form. Unfortunately, this just made things worse as she got really upset, and then threw up both the medicine and most of the breast milk she'd consumed. I decided we're not going to use that stuff again--we'll cut a pill, crush it up, and mix it in some applesauce instead. Luckily, Ella felt a bit better in the morning, and got over her cold in just a few days. The cough didn't seem to happen for Ella like it did when Maya was feeling sick.

Grandma Kathy snuggles Ella.

Getting a ride in the pirate ship.

I got to pick strawberries with Selena!

Timmy arrived at the end of the week for a visit! He brought along a bunch of blueberries from Florida! Yum! (This picture is especially for Mama and Papa because this is how they seem to always pose when fruit is involved in the photo.)

Maya and Ella's first word! (Maya's demonstrates, but Ella can say it just as clearly.)

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  1. "Up." :) It is so lovely to hear her beautiful little voice. I was in western mass that weekend (july 1st) until the 4th and really wanted to stop in, but Mike was having some car problems and in between that and being kinda stuck in Plainfield while he was at work it obviously didn't work out. I've been thinking about you guys though. :) I'm glad everything seems to be going so well. Much love. -Ann