Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Interesting things to check out

Here are some links that I think are worth sharing.

A really fascinating video of what happens to your body as your baby grows!

I've been searching the Internet for positive birth stories (especially with twins!) and I've found a few good ones. This site has some of my favorites. There are also others to read here.

Ever since I first heard about EC (Elimination Communication) years ago, the idea has fascinated me and I have intended to practice it with my children. I have a couple friends who have done it with their babies with great success, and it just seems like such a great idea. Now that I am expecting twins, I've had to change my vision of motherhood in many ways. I know that it is probably still possible to do EC with twins, it will just be different and much more challenging. Here are some good links to check out about ECing!

has a lot information to get started.
An article in mothering magazine about one mother's experience with ECing.
Another site with some additional stories and information.


  1. I saw lots of EC in China. All the baby clothes not for export have a slit in the crotch. The parents most often use a little whistle and the babies urinate. Not so attractive to my western thinking is that even in the big cities, they just hold their children over the gutter for elimination!
    Love and hugs,