Thursday, March 3, 2011

It's a GIRL!!

We found out this morning that the twins are both GIRLS!!!!

Today was our 16 week ultrasound appointment at Baystate. We scheduled it for early in the morning this time so that Brett would be able to come. Also, Kathy, Brett's mom, was able to make the appointment! It was fun to have her along.

We were one of the first patients of the day, and this time the ultrasound tech was very friendly and happily answered our questions and explained what she saw on the screen. The babies still have strong heartbeats (147 and 152) and they now weigh 5 ounces each!

This was the longest ultrasound I've had so far. It lasted about half an hour and we got to see LOTS of pictures of both babies. They checked all of their organs and bones, looking especially closely at their hearts. The doctor said that they were both "unremarkable", in a good way! They also checked my cervix, which was closed, so that's a good thing, too. Both babies have all five fingers on their little hands, and were moving around for the camera like crazy. Two baby girls, WOW!


  1. Woah!!! Two little girls! Congratulations Jenny & Brett!

  2. What about the 5 little toes on each foot??! I hope they have them too! =P