Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Big girls!

Our ultrasound this morning was so reassuring. Both babies are in a head-down position and they each weigh 2 lbs. 7 oz. Wow! I loved finding out how they are positioned, because when they kick me, or move around, I really have no idea who is who or what part of them is moving. Now I feel like I will have a little better of an idea.

We were able to see them both practice breathing during the ultrasound. This is right on track with their growth and development and was amazing to see. They are just doing so well!

Thanks, Kathy, for coming with us! It's always fun to have you there.


  1. Even though I get to see you all the time, I love reading these updates. You are so incredible and I just know these girls will be too!

  2. no pictures of the babies posted? boo-hoo! talking to you was great and reading your blog entry made me smile as it always does. but i was hope-hope-hoping for an accompanying ultrasound photo. the photo slideshow!

  3. Jenny - so good to hear that the girls are doing well and growing steadily! I love the updates too :) Hugs to you and Brett!

  4. I saw the new ultrasound pictures!! They're pretty funny looking this time... I told Jenny she should post them... She has a little Darth Vader and a little Voldemort in there! LOL! :)

  5. Thanks for the support and hugs, everyone!

    The pictures are nice to have, but they weren't the most illustrative of our cute girls on the way. Selena is referring to the pictures of their faces straight on that look pretty odd.

    Jenny is right that one of the coolest parts of this ultrasound was the practice breathing we saw! Their little diaphragms were twitching or clenching, moving their lungs and such.

    Also, for those of you who like numbers, their heartbeats were 144 bpm and 154 bpm, right in the normal range and fairly consistent with what they have been before.