Monday, May 2, 2011

Week 24

I've been having a difficult time accepting that I'm unable to do things easily/safely that I used to do without thinking. We both spent a bunch of time this week at the Springfield house, dealing with problems and diagnosing/fixing a water leak. It's not that I can't do anything. I was helpful by handing Brett tools and I even climbed up the tall ladder at one point so that I could see for myself what the problem was. I'm just used to being able to do more things on my own. It's becoming very uncomfortable to bend over, and I don't feel like I have as much balance as I used to. Plus, I'm just so much slower at moving around; it's ridiculous.

Working with Brett on projects this week, where he needed to be the one to actually DO the majority of the work, has been a lesson for me in patience and letting go. He thinks things through more than I do and his time frame on what gets done next is often different than mine. There were times when I had to just clench my teeth, take a deep breath, and remember that taking a little bit longer, or doing things in a different order than I would do them, would be okay.

In the end, it all worked out and we got a lot accomplished.

I feel thankful that I don't have a cold anymore, and that most of my complaints seem to center around being tired and dealing with moving slower than I'm used to. My feet and hands definitely get slightly swollen sometimes, often if it's warm out and I've been on my feet for too long, but sometimes it just seems to happen randomly. I've been trying to drink lots of water. My belly seems to get larger every day, but I'm actually surprised by how good I feel, and how much I can still do. The baby kicks continue and this is the first week that they have kept me awake at times during the night.

Week 24 belly picture!


  1. it's tough realizing your body can't do what your mind thinks it should but the lessons your learning about patience and accepting help are important ones.

    nice to see your room with the pictures on the wall. but can't figure out what that black pipe (?) is behind the couch? maybe you've taken up pole dancing??

  2. We rearranged the living room a few days ago. :) That pole behind the couch is a heating pipe. There is a radiator behind there, too, but you can't see it because of the couch.

  3. Just from experience, once you get into the hot summer months, you may want to carry a spatula or a newspaper or something so that when random strangers say for the umpteenth time, "Gee, it must be awfully hot being pregnant this time of year" you can smack them in the face.

  4. Good advice, Steech. Thanks.