Friday, May 6, 2011

Week 25

We had our monthly check up yesterday. This time we saw Dr. Jones. She was very nice and is one of my favorite doctors so far. She checked the babies heart beats and measured my belly. I am measuring at 30 weeks, which is normal for twins.

At our last visit, I told the doctor that I was considering declining the glucose drink (a sugary drink taken to test for gestational diabetes that is recommended for everyone between 24 & 28 weeks) and asked for an alternative to the regular test. Following up with that this visit, it turns out that I will be allowed to come in before I've eaten anything in the morning, have my blood drawn, eat a whole grain bagel with two tablespoons of homemade jelly (black raspberry, mmm!) and drink an 8 oz glass of orange juice. I will then get my blood drawn again in two hours, and that's it!

I am very happy that I won't be drinking the glucose concoction, and I feel proud for standing up for something that is important to me. I still hope the test goes well, but I'm a lot less anxious about it now that I know that I can just eat real food.

Our next appointment is in exactly 3 weeks, for an ultrasound. It looks like we will be having appointments every 2-3 weeks after that, until the due date, with an ultrasound every other time. It seems like a lot to me, but they want to make sure that the babies are growing at the same rate and the best way to do that is with ultrasounds.

I have been getting a little more sleep at night recently and don't have much of anything to complain about! We started buying our milk from The Hartsbrook School this week. They have a Jersey cow named Heatherbell. It is the most delicious sweet raw milk that I have ever tasted. We signed up to receive a half-gallon every two weeks. I love that if I ever don't feel like drinking it all, I can just make it into butter or use it for baking! So exciting. Also, I went to the first Tuesday Farmer's Market of the season and got the the most delicious salad mix. I've been eating a couple salads a day and enjoying them immensely.

25 Weeks!

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